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Trait stones

is there a list of what trait stone in explore of different size trait stones you get which one to some what make it easier to find the perciffic one you are looking for
please and thankyou

If you click on a specific traitstone (either in your inventory or from a troop upgrade screen), it brings up a list of kingdoms that drop this particular traitstone.

Otherwise, you can look at kingdom home screen
and conclude that, apart from blue/purple arcane stone, all lesser blue and all lesser purple stones can be obtained here.

For minor/major/runic traitstones, however, it is advisable to go to a monocolor kingdom, since it will always drop the exact color you are looking for, as opposed to two-color kingdoms dropping either the one, or the other.



“mostly” complete :wink:


thankyou but i know that aspect of it i was want to know which lvl for the different trait stones you can get like runic is it lvl 9 or lower like the smaller trait stones i know are the lower lvls

The higher the level, the higher the chance of getting rarer traitstones, I believe.

If it’s Arcanes you’re after, every boss fight is guaranteed to give you one, so playing at whatever level you can cycle through the most bosses the fastest will yield the most.

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If you’re hunting for Arcanes:
lvl 12 explore mini-boss and mythic boss, give 1 guaranted (so you get 2 in 1 D12 run assuming you got enough mythstones for boss fight)

As for lower rairty stones:
It’s probably better to go with lower difficulty, because there isn’t anything explicitly written about lower rarity ones in 4.6 patch notes (apart that mini-boss battle has increased chance of dropping arcane stones and that this chance is applified by Explore difficulty setting)
More here:

my best hint would be: when hunting for runic traitstones, go with d1 or whatever difficulty that allows you to 1shot everything with AoE on first cast and just grind it quickly…

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