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Trait stone farming for x1 and other noobish questions

please help

What exactly is the problem?

You’ll need to be more specific.

Since I do at least understand you’re farming for Traitstones, here’s a guide that tells you where to find each arcane.

Red = Pridelands
Green = Forest of Thorns
Blue = Stormheim
Brown = Khaziel
Yellow = Whitehelm
Purple = Karakoth

tryin to level tyri more spec but runic natures kinda rare

Grind Forest of Thorns, 3rd Challenge.

Troops like Scarlett can help.

keep getting tras for troops i dont use a lot also my worms need help

Do you have Deep Borer? He compliments Rock Worms very nicely.

Grinding Khaziel alone can get you all the traitstones needed for Rock Worm.

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ty ill try that

ill try that also

been using acolyte first 2 traits

Deep Borer works better. He helps concentrate the gem spawns by destroying a column.
Deep Borers traits also make him bulkier/faster. While Acolyte is a mixed bag of tricks.

yeah deep does seem to work better than acolytes any tyri basic combos that work good? just got 2 nd trait fer worms yeah

The team I run Tyri farming with is: Fortress Gate, Tyri, Valkyrie, Dryad. Basically aims to stall for as long as possible to allow Tyri to cast as many times. It doesn’t aim to win the match.

been using shaman dryad wight is effective or no?

heal extra turn plus a lil damage?

Yeah seems ok to me (I’m still low level as well, so I might not be the best person to evaluate it). If you don’t already make sure you get Tyri up to level 12 or so, so that when she casts she can fill herself back up again if there are enough gems on the board.

shes level 17?

She can fill herself back up at level 17.

I swear she looked level 18, officer!


what do badges do in forums ?