Towers of Doom should have both Individual AND Guild leaderboards

Towers of Doom should have both Individual AND Guild leaderboards.


It’s a concept worth exploring, but I don’t think it should be as simple as just adding an individual leaderboard and leaving the rest the same. Sure, you can boost your leaderboard position through a willingness to buy additional Tier 7s much as you can for individual events. But I think one has to factor in the ability for players to have their guild do some scouting for them and thus be able to take a “more optimal” path through the Tower on account of having somebody else “give them the map” so they don’t have to waste sigils on unnecessary battles.

My guild has already cleared this room. This should be pre-populated.

What’s the point of ALWAYS showing “Random Scroll” at all? In fact, when you go back to the room after you’ve cleared it… it STILL shows Random Scroll!

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A solution was proposed a couple of times, nothing happened.


Perhaps an individual leaderboard for total boons and a guild leaderboard for total dooms.