Tower of Doom?

The section on the right, “Instantly defeat a boss room”, and it hasx x0 next to the scroll… what does that mean? And the one on top “Instantly beat a non-boss room” has the scroll with x1. I don’t understand.
How do you get the Scrolls needed to temper a Doom weapon? Thanks for any help.

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The section on the right “instantly defeat a boss room” is available when you find an heroic scroll. It is x0 because you didn’t find any. The “Instantly beat a non boss room” is available after finding a fireball scroll. Those scrolls are found randomly on the rooms.


Just wanted to add something that isn’t in the official docs, though slightly off topic.

Some scrolls are distributed in the tower evenly:

  • 1 luck scroll for every 4 floors (none on first 4 floors)
  • 1 fireball scroll for every 6 floors (none on first 6 floors)
  • 1 heroism scroll for every 12 floors (none on first 12 floors)
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So… the only way to get the scrolls to temper doom weapons, is THIS event? And… you need like 40 something of these scrolls per weapon to fully level them up? :joy::no_mouth:

The scrolls to temper doom weapons drop when you win in a Doom room up to the 25th floor. Thus, you can get 25 scrolls. The rest will have to be redeemed in the store if you want to fully upgrade the weapon

There’s alternatives :slight_smile:

You can craft forge scrolls in the soul forge, they unlock at levels 11-17. One forge scroll costs 100 writs, 5 cursed runes, 3 celestial traitstones and 1000 souls.

You can also use the new orbs of forging to upgrade them (orb of forging gives one level, major orb of forging upgrades to max level).

So, it’s bad, but it’s not as bad as it used to be :sweat_smile:

Oh, and you need 55 scrolls to max out a doomed weapon. I’d recommend buying up to tier IV in the event shop, that gets you the weapon + 7 forge scrolls.


In theory you can also buy them from daily offers. That feature was part of update 6.5 released half a year ago, then somehow failed to go live. Unfortunately it’s a stonewall topic, any questions regrading this matter are met with radio silence. They probably figured they need to keep forge scrolls artificially scarce for monetization purposes.

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