Tower of Doom, First Impressions


The problem is more about the way these Boon Scrolls work, when you need 10 scrolls to unlock just ONE WHOLE point of Attack, Armor, Magic or Life you literally needs a third of guild to work towards that extra point when the enemies in the next floor will have gained at least 10 points or more in each stats…

This is my guild so far:

And honestly these boons aren’t worth the trouble because they are meaningless, at first i thought it could work as something used to counter some daring situations like increasing your Life enough to survive the true damage barrage from certain rooms, but no, they are useless as i experienced it first hand…

So, about this particular feature, Boon Scrolls:

Maybe if the devs make each Boon counts twice fot those bonuses it could improve the experience of smaller guilds as they could organize themselves better to be able to challenge some extra floors, this could also work for big competitive guilds in a sense because we are clearly underpowered in later stages.

But i also considered another improvement for these Boons: Introducing some of those Boon Scrolls on each Shop tier would help everyone. By the way: NO RANDOM BOON SCROLLS!!! Ahem… just to make things clear regarding such purchases.

Before the imminent P2W wailing: Get over it, the Shop Tiers will be bought for many reasons, be it competing on the leaderboard or simply to have all Forge Scrolls to upgrade the “Super Mythic” weapon, in any case these investiments could just as well be converted into guild benefits that are NEEDED in order to face some threats on the higher Floors.

So, having extra Boon Scrolls attached to these Shop Tiiers provides something to all players regardless if they will chase the leaderboard or not. Face it like the investiments of Guild Wars, except that i doubt the devs/plubisher would allow us to have some extra stats without using gems like we can have in GW, so it’s better to reach at least a better compromise from both parts while making these purchases more interesting for all players/guilds in general.

Smaller Guild could get some benefit if mostly everyone decides to get at least the Weapon, and the Big Guilds that intend to work their way into the Leaderboard will also buy a lot of Shop Tiers anyway so it boils down to how much gems are being spent anyway, but with some extra stats fo everyone the experience can be less aggravating.

I hope the devs consider it. As soon as they wake up, that is.


The empowered one shotters require an adjustment in much the same way that different line ups may be required on any given mana day in wars based on the opposition facing you. A rune priest hero which is barriered but targettable along with stealth troops such as fizz bang cedric and lamprey nullify spirit fox on turn 1 giving you time to rebarrier hero and build your attack. OK so it breaks the rhythm for a single battle but it’s good practice and helps overall team building capability and strategic thinking which will certainly improve overall player ability. Personally I enjoy the aspect of variety and the challenge it brings. Tough for new players yet again who may not have stealth troops available or traited. Same with the sunbird team that some have found awkward. Oceans protector should have you submerged before he can cast.


I’ll provide a final one on Sunday.
But they’re pretty worthless against Level 400 troops and the Ultimate Doom. I asked people to do them for the benefit of research. But they’re definitely a waste of sigils at a certain point. Doesn’t scale well at all. I’m doing my best to keep my feedback limited. We are your players not your guinea pigs. Any data gained could of been found my having the QA properly test this new mode. Or letting the beta experience it for longer than a few days. I’ll just play the role of the bitter GM who gets 500 gems for first place. And give a huge :person_shrugging: when the next guild that gets 1st gets 1k-2k gems. (Which should be done due to the tier shop).
Could possibly be us. But we the player don’t really decide that. 1st-3rd is determined by RNG. Whichever guild gets the most Luck and Heroism scrolls will probably win it all. Just another slot machine element of GoW.


That’s a very good idea. Revealing the scroll type for a room when a guild member unlocks it would be great.

The game it self would facilitate the communication, as it should.

At this point i believe any guild fighting for the leaderboard would be unsure about sharing their strategies. Not only for fear of possibly losing the next leaderboard if the rewards get increased by any margin, but also out of fear that we get another change to weapons or troops because…

Well, do what you must devs, but consider very carefully what many of us, could even go by a stretch and say ALL OF US, are reporting regarding the rewards and level scaling going from challenging into ludicrous in just a few floors at some point…


After 5 day of dooms i feel like 7 days is a bit long for this event and would prefer to see a 3 days event during the weekend and return to the GW every 3 weeks schedule


I’m greedy. I want it back to every week. :grin:
I’ll settle for every other week.


I also thought about that but i didin’t want to push my luck :slight_smile:

Also i know lot of people hate GW so every 3 week is a good compromise i think

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Raids and ToD should make them hate GW less.
Invasions is the only mode that isn’t a pain in the butt to do. Also the only mode that usually works right. (Outside of Halloween).
I have my alt accounts retired in my no Requirements guild. They say the rewards from raids are supposed to be mailed out at the end of the week if unclaimed. Yet I never see it for those accounts. But I also don’t beat the minions on those accounts so maybe that’s why I don’t get the rewards. I just have #bugFATIGUE so I don’t bother making a thread about it. Still annoying and makes me dislike Raids even more. But hey… At least Raids are better than Class events. The most grindiest of the grindy grinders of all grind time. Who doesn’t love doing the exact same 5 matches over and over again.

Wait, people actually do the class events :open_mouth:

Hot take: Change Heroism Scroll so it clears all rooms in addition to the boss.


For it to be a hot take it has to be something that would generally raise some hackles. I don’t think any player would be upset if Heroism changed that way!

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Hot take: scroll of heroism knocks first place guild down to last. awaits hackles

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How can it be a hot take when we already have a fireball scroll?

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Discord and I do not know why some do not use it.

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This is much better than Raid or Invasion. Rewards if increased slightly or adding Ingots like Epic ones like someone suggested would not hurt either. Maybe add a personal leaderboard if someone wants to go nuts and spend 5000 gems for a power orb might be ok too. Of course the whole guild does not get the orb lol.

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2 of my guilds use discord only and everything is good. My third guild use discord and guild chat but everything is so much harder having to deal with unreliable guild chat where we can’t post pics or keep important messages together.

Event is ok.
I have some issues with troops and teams that seems to be there just to grief players:
Dooms are based on low % of Death Mark, as if Death Mark isn’t annoying enough.
Losing a troop to it is just frustrating.
Then the Spirit Fox for floor 23 and Bulette in lvl 24 Boss?

Feels like devs are trolling players.
Don’t they know frustration is bad for the game?

There are ways to make the game harder, and challenging, without just adding dumb bad luck losses.


I have several members of my guild telling me that since floor 26+, the scroll locations are not the same with what our members who discovered the floor first have noted.
What is really weird is that for me, all the locations from 26 to 32 have been perfectly correct.
Could it be possible that different language version of the game play a role in this problem? I really doubt that but who knows…