Top 27 Guild Wars Score Implementation


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A vacation mode for longtime members i would agreewith so they dont lose thier counter but removed from the active roster until they are able to return and a slot becomes available again.

Those are circumstances that happen all too often but seriously thats up to the guild leaders to make the decision.We have taken many a loss due to real life issues and it sucks but its part of the system.


Thank you for your contributions to this thread! = )

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It’s part of the current system, which is flawed for this very reason.

A change is long overdue.

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Top 27!

Let’s make it happen!

A change is long overdue!

If you feel there is a better solution, please post and let us know your thoughts!

Everyone Please stay on topic here its not about who likes or dislikes who. Its about trying to make GWs a more enjoyable place for everyone. Everyone Please focus on the bigger picture and leave personal vendettas aside Ty


Ok I’ll stay on topic. Nothing is wrong with guild wars. Guilds just need to get better without making new rules and changes that only benefit the weaker guilds. It is not fair to the guilds that have put in years of hard work just to have the playing field more even just because other guilds are weak.


Honestly really think your missing the point of the whole th 27 average proposal. Its not about making 1 guild stronger than the other. It’s about even things up a wee bit. Say someone having Internet issues Can’t log in to play or they are in the hospital. The Team now at 29 face-to-face with a team at 30. That’s a huge advantage for the full 30 team.

Mabey not every GWs battle day but being short a member due to uforseen issue ya huge overall point handycap for the week

Most top Guilds never go in to GWs down a player but the unthinkable happens sometimes mid GWs week. Yes a strong Guild pulls together to make up for the loss. But due to whatever issue cased a player to go mia. Now that Team just trying to hold on to the GWs bracket there in.

Thats an unfortunate circumstance that most guilds go through in all brackets and guilds still prevail through good teamwork,your guild has a bad week because 3 players dont show yet win vrs a full 30 who’s total score was 20k lower because 3 members scores where flushed down the toilet? I dont see it as fair.

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As a matter of fact I do lead a guild thanks. My players are a mix of GW enthusiasts & haters. But they all try their best for the good of the guild. And I as their leader ensure we have 30 bodies at the start of GW (not that we have much turnover). I can’t speak for them, but what I can say is i’m fairly certain none of them would want whatever effort they put into GW to be nullified and meaningless by having it not count for anything toward the guild’s goals.

And with that, since this thread isn’t a discussion but simply an attempt to counter every opposing opinion, I’m stepping out now.

If you put half as much time & effort into securing 30 members & working with them to be better at GW as you’re spending arguing your point here, perhaps you wouldn’t need to worry about dropping the lowest 3 scores.

Good luck with your crusade, sir.


29 vs 30 is fair?

27 vs 27 is fair?

It’s rare that I don’t have 30 members for GW. This isn’t a quest to give myself an advantage, nor is it about my guild. It’s about an even playing field for all. Now, while I’d love to take credit for the idea, it was suggested before I even started playing the game.

What that means is that the flawed scoring system was noticed and this implementation was suggested before I ever knew the game existed.

Top 27 doesn’t put stronger guilds at a disadvantage or give weaker guilds an advantageous edge, it evens the odds for all. A guild full of strong players with a competitive spirit should welcome this change. I’m seriously baffled that anybody who likes to compete would oppose this idea. Unless, of course, they’re trying to stack the deck in their favor.

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The really good guilds hold there ground down 1 person,a 50k loss to a total score is not going to drop you out of a bracket unless you got a few players tanking it.

The point isn’t that they’ll drop a bracket. The point is they can’t take first or second and the field isn’t even.

You are only seeing this through one perspective of what an even playing field is. Yet if you take into account that logistics should play a role, then you would see from their perspective why it would be unfair to them. Why should they be handicapped just because the opposing guild could not bring an equal number of players. Or what if they took the time and effort to ready their 3 weakest players for guild wars and you just didn’t bother to take the time to ready your 3 weakest player, should their effort not be rewarded? For me the ranks rewarded in Guild Wars and Tower of Doom is the culmination of how well a guild is run, how good the guild is at retaining members and how well they work together as a whole and for the common good of their guild.


I completely agree with oninowon. Don’t punish a strong guilds commitment and hard work for the game just so weaker guilds can have a chance to win.

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