Top 20 Dominant -GW Optional- 1500s/400k/300t, 40k seals, all tasks

Dominant is currently looking for players.

I may be reached here in this thread, or through pm, or in game. Openings are limited and I am taking reservations for openings on Sunday. Thank you.

Gw optional
1500s 400k 300t
40k all tasks many legendary(15+)

Average members contributions are in excess of 1m 500t

Rank 5 in weekly trophies last two weeks.


#rank 5 in trophies for the third straight week! Great group of people here.


We have one opening available at this time. You may post your interest here or to me in a pm. Thank you.


One spot open

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This week was a difficult one for our guild and we still ranked #4 in overall trophies. We are now making openings for this next week.

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Hello @Gilgamesh. I am interested in finding a less casual guild than the one I am currently in. I bring minimum 1M donations, 250 trophies, 1500 seals.

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Hello keillsher and thank you for your interest in Dominant. Would you be able to do 300 trophies a week, if so I certainly would like to have you join us.

Sure, this was a busy week irl and I have 450 trophies.

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Excellent, I will send and invitation as soon as your available to receive. Welcome to Dominant :slight_smile:

We are still looking for more prospective applicants.

I’m interested!

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Hi digital mage, thank you for your interest. What is your activity like? Approximately how many trophies a week can you contribute and are able to donate 400k a week?

I can do 300 trophies and 400k donation easily. Full lvl 10 kingdoms. Gold x3 multiplier

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Great to hear :slight_smile: your invitation has been sent. Welcome aboard.

Here is my experience for my first week in Dominant:

Casual guild if you’re used to doing 300+ trophies in your free time(I know if you’re used to doing 100 trophies this isn’t the guild for you!)

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#37 now :slight_smile:

We will have one opening at re-set

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Now is the time to express interest and reserve a spot for the upcoming week. Reqs are due on Sunday at 1pm est. After that point we would prefer to replace our less active folks before or shortly after weekly reset as we have been completing all tasks on Monday plus legendaries. We have completed 20 legendary tasks this week.

2 positions have opened for this upcoming week.

I would be interested in joining the guild, I’m lvl 1050, all kingdoms at lvl 10 and at least 5 stars. My invite code is TREBOR_6

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