Top 20 Dominant -GW Optional- 1500s/400k/300t, 40k seals, all tasks


Hi Trebor, are you able to meet or exceed our minimum requirements of 1500s 400k 300t?


Yes, usually I’m putting 800k-1m gold, 1500s and over 300t weekly


One position open


Intersting! invite code LJY 001
LV826 played in Tyrant 2 years,and I fought many battles with GW ranked1-15 guild


OK Acangg invitation sent. :slight_smile:


Congratulations to Dominant for placing forth among the top 50 in trophies for the past week. We will not be recruiting for the upcoming week. If anyone is interested in joining please contact me in pm and I will notify you when a position is available.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend.


We currently are full, but if anyone is interested I can be reached here or in pm and can notify you when a position is available. Thank you.


We have one spot open


It is looking like we might be looking for one or maybe two people. We are now rank 34. You can hit us up here or pm me


One filled one to go.


We will be looking to fill a few spots. You can get us on this post or pm me or gilgamesh


Pm sent !!!


Looks like we are going to have one or maybe two spots


Today is the day to join Dominant!!!


Two immediate openings for the upcoming week.

Reqs remain unchanged

Average member contributions are over 1m 500t



i would like to join you. I’m lvl370 and play 90% of my time during weekend due to my work. Can hit the requirements easily but can’t play GW on a daily basis. Let me know if that is cool for you and i’ll leave my guild right away

Invite Code: ^TEMP33T^


Welcome Temp33t.

One opening for this coming still remains.


One spot available…


We still have one open spot


We are full for this upcoming week. If anyone is interested in joining Dominant when a position is available, you may post here or contact either myself or Boudica by pm. Thank you.