Top 100 PvP Display INCORRECT on PS4

A few hours ago I noticed an issue with the top 100 PvP list. A guild mate who should be in the top 100 list not appear there. Another player said it was working for him, and we traded screenshots. The game showed him in the proper slot in the top 100, but I could not find him at all. I showed him a screenshot with me in the top 100, but he could not find me at all. Another player claimed to be in #39 or so (and his profile PvP score would confirm this) but two of us noticed he was positioned in slot #46 or so.

Here’s what I believe is happening. At some point in the recent past, the game has “locked in” the PvP leaderboard somehow. Each individual player will accurately see their position according to this list, thinking they are making great progress. However, no one else sees this. They see what happened x hours ago.

Look at the PvP scores of the top 4 players in the top 100 list right now. They have tens of thousands of points. The last digits of each of these guys is 5, 2, 2, and 4. It has been like this for some time now. It’s not updating.

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Same on Mobile/PC. You have to click on their profile to see their real score. Nothing was locked. It’s a bug.