(TOP 10) FREEDOM FIGHTERS are recruiting respectable active members. Join for big rewards, great community, website, fb page and support. Be Part Of Something Big!


FREEDOM FIGHTERS are looking for new or experienced members…as long as you do your part you are welcome, pm me anytime on ps4 @ markb323


We have a solid place in the leaderboards and there is a great communityfor our members.


still spots available :sunglasses:


Looks good i sent you a pm my friend is there already :wink:


hey Gemer thanks for the msg your invite has been sent :+1:


thank yooo :smile_cat:


your welcome :v:


Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gowff/
Our website: http://gemsofwar.myfreesites.net/


Sent you msg on psn :slight_smile:


Sent you code on psn.


hey thanks for getting in touch your invite has been sent :sunglasses:


filling up fast :motorcycle:


Send me an invite I will be happy to join you my level is currently 114 and growing my id is MERLIN_RKAF


Invite sent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


send me a msg on psn please bro


I don’t see the invite could you send it again


Hey, I’m very interested in joining your Guild. I’m a level 535 player and very active.

My invite code is: EDUSAN_BDTQ


you need to leave your guild first, mail me on psn when you do you invite will be sent straight away


Hey there mark, sent you a pm on psn, name there is TheNasirator, thanks


sent you pm buddy