Token mismatch when requesting password reset

I am having trouble to reset my account password. I want to play Gems of War on a new device, and tried to recover my previous account. But I don’t remember my password. So I chose to reset password. When I click the link in the password reset email, it pops up the error message “Token mismatch”. Can anyone help on this issue?

Hi Lancelot,

For account issues, your best bet is to submit a request for support:

Thanks for your advice. Yes, I have raised a ticket to support on this issue. Just wondering if anyone has similar experience and can share something. :grinning:

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You can try to do a search for “token mismatch”. There are a few posts that mention it, but the recent one I looked at were several people just mentioning they have also contacted support and were waiting for a resolution.

Perhaps someone else will have more information for you. :innocent: Posting in one of the threads already created for this issue would probably be the best way to find out.

Just for future reference, there are two categories that are best to post in regarding issues: