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Timer for vault event

We got a timer for every event exept vault event. with all the new event released it’s more difficult to know when it is. Please add a timer for vault event


+1000 to this

I’m always afraid I’m going to miss the vault event because the game doesn’t show when it is in progress.


I’d like a timer for this, too.

My reflex was to point out it’s not an “event”, the same as the others. Vault’s always there, but you can’t go in unless you have a key. The “event” just means gnomes appear more often.

But then I never actually know if a Vault event is happening or not, so it’d be nice to have something. I think it gets posted in the News?

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The day before it happens it does show up on the events page.

Just like on Sunday’s it shows what is coming up next week.

But I agree. The extra timer would be nice.

+1 :+1:


Vault events are in the in-game news and also get posted to our social media pages the night they begin. :slight_smile:

Not the issue.

The players would like to know when they are going to be. Finding out after it starts is not the issue of the OP.

We don’t have any plans to release our schedule ahead of time, as it isn’t unheard of for us to shuffle events.


I guess my last question on that @Saltypatra is “Are Vault events a regular recurring thing, or are they supposed to be random surprises?” I actually don’t know the answer, this isn’t a sarcastic trap.

Sorry but this is useless as writting on/off on a light switch

I had to check :thinking: , but my light switches do say on/off. I wish I’d notice that before :face_with_monocle:

That’s not useless, so I have to assume that you agree with their method of news delivery in this case.

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He probably meant ‘useful as teats on a bull.’

Which reminds me of a very funny and disturbing cereal commercial where the punchline was, ‘Dude, that was a bull’

Yup sorry if you need to read “ON” on your switch to know the light is on, you might have a problem just saying

But not all light switches connect to actual lights. It’s a power cut off to the outlet. And there could be two!
Wife thought she was turning outside house light off, turned off power strip to my PC :frowning:

The on/off on the light switch isn’t necessarily for day-to-day use. But when an electrician’s installing it, both orientations look more or less the same. So it’s not clear, at a glance, which way is up, or which switch position is intended to connect the circuit. And since the power’s not yet connected, there needs to be a way to know both of those things.

But I mean, also look at the intent of making that analogy.

“I need a way to tell if a Vault event is ongoing.”

“We always indicate this by making a post in the news.”

“That’s stupid. That’s useless. I asked you for a way to tell if a Vault event is ongoing, and you asked me to go check some part of the game that tells me if an event is ongoing. This is why you’re not making money.”

Lol can we just move on? It was just bad joke


Is this a light switch discussion? :smile:

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Exactly if i am already in the game i don’t need notification to tell me the event is actually running. I can see it from myself and it change nothing

But if i log in and see a notification saying “vault event start in 5 days” now it migh be useful and i might want to change my schedule to do something another day if i want to take advantage of more vault key drop


That’s literally why they won’t tell us in advance. They don’t want you to grind for resources or take advantage of a gnome weekend. That would be counter productive to their bottom line. Every other event is for profit. So they give us advance notice to plan ahead. Vault weekends are 100% free. It’s sad. But that’s the unfortunate truth behind all of this.


It would be true only if the devs would stop giving us chances at obtaining gems for free. Every new feature hands out some gems to us, even upgrading pets give us some gems…

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