Timed activities should not have "Visitors"

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Not necessary

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Any activity that has time limit should not be distracted by the Demons, Merchants, Angels or Genies.

When getting the reward of Increased XP for 15 minutes from the Path of Paragon activities, the obvious thing is to do as much battles in Expedition to earn more XP. It is almost the same as Gnome-a-Palooza, but when enabling the prize from Paragon’s Path and going to Expedition, I’m encountering visits in between battles, that actually decreases the timespan, which hould not be happening in timed events.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time

Steps to make it happen again
Complete tasks in Paragons path dashboard, activate/collect the prize and go to the expedition to get some battles.


Wait, this feels more like a design discussion than a bug report. And I’d really still like to receive those visitors while my XP bonus timer is running. It’s just a small interruption, to me the benefit (freebies!) is higher than the downside (slightly less XP).

Ways to solve this better:

1.) Pause the bonus timer while not in battle.
2.) Redesign this from “Bonus XP for the next 15 minutes” to “Bonus XP for the next 50 battles”.

Personally, I’d prefer the second option.


Oh, I’d love the 2nd option. I’m really not feeling the wish to rush another type of battle just for some XP. And also, I so often accidentally claim the XP boost, it’s ridiculous. :sweat_smile:


I’d prefer the second option, but that’s because it’d be really easy to farm summons indefinitely for extra XP. People doing that would ruin it for people playing the bonus XP normally lol.

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I know, there will be a vast majority, that disagrees with me, but I would prefer this as well in gnome runs.
15 minutes of stubborn explore 1 repeats are not fun, no matter if it is about experience or gnome rewards.

Good point, although I suspect that farming fast at normal xp might be much more beneficial than farming summons at double xp. Still, for fairness purposes:

3.) Gain 5000 boost xp, doubling xp gain from all battles until it runs out. Amount stored stacks up with each booster used (and would actually make boosters obsolete, just increase the stored amount automatically).

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I’d prefer the first option, or just disable popups while the XP booster is active as OP suggested. I’m sure that this is a minority opinion, but I’d personally want to maximize XP gains as I’d like to hit level 3000 someday and so the double XP on E1 really helps. I don’t mind the popups on normal XP, but I hate losing double XP time to popups.

I disagree on this one, an angel or a merchant are more useful than the whole 15 pointless minutes of double xp


That would be fine by me. But I’d be annoyed if they just paused merchants and angels during this bonus xp time.They can pause demons and genies outside of delves forever as far as I’m concerned, though.


I’d much rather have Angel or Merchant visits.

I’m not even bothering with the tasks to get the XP boosters, I really don’t care about the XP boost at all. I’ve earned one or two, activated them, and just closed the game because I can’t be bothered farming XP like that.