Like a GaP, but different

There I am, trying to use the handy 15-minute XP advantage, playing my explore or easy delve like a mad woman to get all the XP I can when… it shows up. Angel/Merchant/Demon/Genie. Stalls my game while it slowly draws it’s offerings and messes up my timing.

Much like GaPs, where the gift-givers are put on hold for those 15 minutes, can we please put them on hold when we’re doing that 15-minutes of XP?


To many players in the endgame range, a merchant or angel encounter is worth more than double experience.

You know what, let’s make it a poll, shall we?

  • I do not want to lose bonus experience time on random encouters
  • I do not want to lose random encounters when bonus experience time is running
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To be clear, the demon and genie can go away during double xp time, but the merchant and definitely the angel should stay. Nobody should miss out on an angel because of double xp. If they can’t split them, I’d prefer to keep all of them.


The double xp buff is tricky to work out with merchants and angels because they provide us with useful things we cannot farm for anywhere else. Currently, it’s the only way to collect deeds because the adventure board is random and unreliable.

However, the xp boost can be very helpful for newer players as it can act as a substitute for the death knight armor without having to pay money. I see 7.1 as a divide between high level players and new players. Experience has more value for lower level players, so they don’t want any interruptions, and I think most high end players with a large gem stack wouldn’t like the disappearance of merchants and angels, as it is the only way for them to get helpful items for kingdom progress.

So, where does that leave us? Give us the ability to turn merchants and angels on or off, just like themed skulls.This way, everybody can use the xp boost how they would like to.

Oh, and by the way, nobody likes genies and demons, they r just annoying advertisements, and we have enough of that in our lives. Poof! Be gone! Away with you! Away!


Rather than adding a gameplay option and making players choose which benefit to go without, please do one or more of these things to resolve the tradeoff:

  • Merchants and angels queue up and patiently wait until after the 15 minutes
  • Skip the animation introducing the encounter character
  • Pause the timer during encounters
  • Change the timer from “15 minutes” to “10 minutes in battle”

What I’d like to see is change the exp boost to a set number of battles instead of a timer. (That would have been cool for GaP too but they nerfed the rewards, so nope.)


It would be nice if they could pause the exp boost timer when an offer opens up, but wouldn’t they have already implemented this for GaP if they could? That’s probably why the offers r shut off during GaP. It would be nice if the timer was treated like a stopwatch, but it might be complicated to implement that feature and might take more time and resources that we think. And anything that costs them more money with no more in game money offers will be on deaf ears.

Anyway, nothing is probably going to change, let’s be honest. We can’t even get the promised targeted gem dragon feature, and it has already been close to a year of waiting. :rofl:

I just thought it would be a nice opportunity to bring up the idea of removing genies and demons from explore and only have them show up during faction assaults, so that newer players can have a little more help.

The devs r probably getting ready for the upcoming holiday events, so these features will probably need to be revisited next year.

The reason I voted for no interruptions is because I’ve been getting a bunch of Genies and Daemons taking away precious double XP farming time. IF it were just Merchants and Angels only then I could accept that, but if it’s all or nothing then I’d rather have nothing during an XP booster.

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So, a lot of people don’t want the interruption… “if it’s a genie or demon”. An interruption is an interruption. It doesn’t bother me. I just skip and keep playing. It’s not like it takes 10 minutes or something. :joy:I don’t play like my life is on the line. :rofl::rofl:


I just don’t want genies or demons at all, to be honest. lol


They don’t show up in gaps, don’t have them show up in double XP. If you really are an endgamer, the merchant has little to offer you anyway.

the merchant is the ONLY thing has to offer what endgamers need: deeds. 3 for 150 gems is by far the best deal around for those.