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Time for new moderators

(I know the category is not the most proper one.)
All right @Sirrian, @Nimhain, and @Saltypatra. As we can clearly see it’s time already to have new moderators in these forums.

You need MORE people who can watch over things happening and ACT to keep the the forums in order.


I nominate @Taransworld (if he’s willing) and @Mithran if he can resist doing a 10 minute explanation of why a post is inappropriate. :wink:

The devs are in a tough position with mods. Because for the most part those who want the gig will abuse the power. While those who have no interest in adding that burden but could do it great are usually the best impartial mods.
In the US we have the same issue every 4 years in regards to who moderates our country. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve always been amazed they only have 1 mod that isn’t paid staff. Every other game community I’m involved in has at least a few volunteer mods to make sure the forum doesn’t become a dumpster fire like we’ve seen today.


Agreed. Lyya has always done a great job as a moderator :+1: but we cannot expect just one person to be able to deal with stuff 24/7.


Is it ok to say that you need more moderators when a couple people are being extreme about their viewpoints?

Considering things that happened lately, if it would be possible of course, they could rank different levels of moderators to work in a way that will offer support to Salty, Kafka and Lyya.

Something like:

  • Kafka, Salty and the staff of GoW = Have all powers.
  • Lyya and maybe two other people who they consider trustworthy. = Nearly all powers, except banning users. But they can mute infrators and such until someone of a higher rank check what happened and makes the call about banning or not someone or giving them a warning. (With multiple warnings in a short period of time amounting to a ban.)
  • Three or five "patrol"moderators to watch over things. = They will be the ones who can really use the flag’s system to hide posts and/or move such posts to a determined area invisible to regular users. When possible, the high ranked moderators can deliberate about muting/banning someone.

In the past we didn’t really had to worry about it. But nowadays I feel we can’t just wait until things get worse… For now we have small issues, but with the current impunity and lenghty time of response we should be wary about major problems popping up eventually. And a new team of moderation could maybe prevent that.

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It was actually a joke about moderates vs extremism regarding viewpoints.

I am totally in agreement of more mods to keep things cool and spread out the duties to not put as all the pressure on a couple of shoulders.


Ah, I guess the joke flew over my skull.


Additional moderation would be welcomed to help tamp down the egregious violations. However, the general environment of the forum as of late has fostered the problematic behaviors we are currently witnessing. The forum is devolving into a cesspool of snark, self-important hauteur, and endless complaints by far too many of the posters - many of whom have been around for a significant period of time and should therefore know better.
I am not saying they are violating the rules per se. But they are violating the spirit of the rules thus fertilizing the environment for worse behavior to manifest.


Good trolls will also be pleased to know there aren’t any community moderators in global chat, so if you play your cards right you can harass people for an entire weekend with impunity!

For this part alone you could consider another angle: People could be on this game and these forum for so long that they can’t stand to see the same mistakes happening over and over again.

Particularly I have no intention to ever stop complaining about the dreadful artworks that keep being introduced into the game. Or how I still hate how they took over two years to make the gnolls still bad in this game… (I just did it right now by the way.)

Does it makes my posts less interesting and helpful to a certain degree? Yes.
Can I live with such burden and still contribute to the game and the forums? Yes.
Would I feel censored if ONLY “good vibes” posts are allowed in these forums? Also yes.

It’s just important to give credit where it’s due as much as give criticism in the hopes of guiding the devs’ decisions. And it’s also very important to never put all your cats in the same bag, because your oranges can’t read polish.


This is one of those situations like “make noun great again”, nostalgia is a powerful drug.

There never was a time when the forums were a magical fairyland where everybody held hands. It has always been a place of heated discussion, even before I came here. There’s always some troop people want nerfed, or complaints about PvP matchmaking, or incidents like Fizzbang, or less obvious mistakes like Divines, or even less obvious mistakes like the 6 teams with Mab that got 8 different nerfs before the game settled. And that’s just 2018. We’re kind of like Sonic fans: it’s rare when we agree on something other than that we disagree about everything.

As Razzagor pointed out, some of the problems we bicker about today are the same problems we bickered about back then. That has added to the growing frustration. Every month, more people who stick around have a bigger list of people they know who quit.

It’s not always burnout. It also includes people like the member who had a visual impairment, complained an update made the game unplayable, and was never addressed. Along the road, if I’d have been keeping track, I could probably list 5-6 good forum members who disappeared about a month after complaining about something that was never addressed.

But that’s kind of the joke of it all. I think a lot of people wonder, “How the heck do they make money?” but the answer is, “Because you’re still here.” Be careful if you wish all the negative people would go away. 2020 is teaching us that Monkey’s Paw is a real doozy.


Or everyone could just be adults that are responsible for what they take in
Can easily skip, ignore, or choose not to reply/flag
Let the others do what they want, not everything is targeted for everyone

That’s been always true to Wild Plains’ gnolls, when they finally got an update to target their enemies the Devs still gave them a 50% chance to fail…

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I’ve been volunteering for years! … and nothing happened. At this point I wouldn’t take it unless paid obscenely, between the level of nonsense I’d apparently have to deal with on the forums these days and low opinions of a lot of things lately.

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I’ve muted over 300 Xbox accounts from global chat. I’d shut off global completely if I didn’t occasionally need to recruit.

I haven’t muted people in forums, because even people I disagree with still make sense now and again. Rather, I mute threads I do not have an interest in.

I prefer self-moderation.

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The forum is very much like social distancing at the moment, keeping your distance as much as possible because of how toxic it can be. You take your chance coming on here, it’s why I rarely post nowadays.


i nominate that tech9 guy for mod and my second choice is obv awryan! xD

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Forums are moderate enough. We need more call outs, fights, and drama in general.
It’s Gems of War, and I’m not seeing enough War! It’s not Gems of sparkly friendly ponies.