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Tick Tock

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/tick-tock/

New Invasion Troop: TED-1000

When Ghiralee said to her adoptive father, Sparkgrinder, that she missed the little mechanical bear he made for her when she was a girl (named TED-100), his response was somewhat predictable… and so now we have TED-1000, an enraged mechanical murder-bear, which Ghiralee has been trying to catch and disassemble ever since. He has proved rather adept at breaking things though, even if in a somewhat random fashion, as attested to by the amount of rubble in the east wing of the Royal College of Engineers.

TED-1000 will be available in the Invasion Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Rare Troop: Clockwork Sphinx

One of the more serendipitous inventions to come from the Royal College of Engineers is the Clockwork Sphinx. Originally designed as a riddle-asking-machine, it so happened that the small electric jolt originally meant to be shot from its forehead for an incorrect answer, actually vaporized its creator, Senior Engineer Martin the Optimistic. Ever since then, it’s been accepted that they actually make excellent sentries, and when they ask “Who goes there?” you’d best be telling the truth.

The Clockwork Sphinx will be available for 300 Glory in the Rewards tab of the Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Weapon: Mecha Axe

While Adanans don’t have the fine appreciation for a good axe that the Tauros might, like everything else in the kingdom, they’ve made attempts to improve axe-design by automating anything they can think of. And while any self-respecting Tauros might argue that they’ve set the ARTISTRY of axe design back an entire century, it’s clear that a self-cleaning, self-sharpening, telescopic, foldable axe that can burst into flame AND collect any treasure you’ve missed, is something we ALL wish we had.

This week it will be available in both the Invasion shop, and in the Soulforge.

Balance Changes and Fixes

Nyx & Florian

  • Spell modified, so they now drain up to a maximum of 12, then create gems equal to the amount of mana drained.

Both Nyx and Florian will both be available for refund for the next week.

Orc Veteran

  • Fixed an issue were his spell would not create Red Gems if his target died despite having greater Attack.

Soul of Xathenos

  • Fixed an issue were the spell wouldn’t steal stat Mana if the target died.

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Beat ya salty :stuck_out_tongue:

I know some guys who will be happy about nyx and florian changes :slight_smile:

Good call and changing Nyx and Florian spell


The new weapons is not good enough, and the Epic troops related to Invasion needs a minor rework so they can be more useful outside the Invasions. The weapons should be able to generate more manas. When it comes to the Epics, you could make them deal 3x-5x damage to a race as well as the Towers.


That’s been a bug since he was released over a year ago. Better late than never. Lol

About time, thanks for the change!

Although, I would still love to know the boost ratio on new troops in the graphics, this week Clockwork Sphinx…

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Unofficially, 3:1, from mined data.

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So…Carnex/TED/Mechanist DawnBringer/Goblin Rocket?

Thanks for the Nyx change! Florian is acceptable collateral damage.


Well, considering they had the same effect, it was kind of necessary. Granted, Florian doesn’t have as effective of a loop as Nyx, but it’s still a ridiculous effect.

All the weapons released on these events are horrible and uninspired, they need to dedicate some time into it to start making the events better.


Instead of creating gems they could deal x3 or x4 damage on the boss or tower


Effects that can be used:

  • Apply some buff to all allies of this Race/Type. (Divines or Mystics)

  • Apply some debuff on all enemies by each ally of the chosen Race/Type.
    THIS CAN ONLY WORK IF THE TOWERS AREN’T IMMUNE TO EVERYTHING! Which is another “pet peeve” that i hope will be addressed.

  • Apply some buff on the hero, or the first troop, boosted by each ally of the chosen Race/Type.

  • Give mana straight away to troops of that colors. Beastly Bow, for example, could give 1 mana to each green or yellow ally boosted by your beasts. Green Yellow Beasts with Mana Cost </= to 8 are very few and the best ones with both colors are only two (Forest Guardian and Queen Aurora) and they wouldn’t even get half their mana after such spell is cast. Also, having an entire team composed of Green/Yellow beasts with a hero using a Blue/Brown weapon (in this example) can hardly qualify as a reasonable strategy…

  • Mix and match some effects on the weapons, like Elemental Bow could give mana to Green Allies and barrier/heal/boost attack/whatever blue allies.

Honestly, i believe it’s not very hard to use some of these (or others already coded) effects to give us interesting weapons that can be used outside such events.

It’s not about making “yet another broken weapon to wreck havok on Arena” it’s about giving some extra love to our experience as players, it’s a small, but good step into the right direction. A better, but bigger, step comes when troops are being reworked, but given the time it takes…

TLDR: Stop shoving useless and uncreative weapons in our faces on each event… If the team can’t figure out some proper rework for the ones already introduced into the game/database, so far, at least plan something decent for the close future (the next two months). This should work out without messing your internal schedule.


Deep Borer, Bombot x 2, Black Manacles, Kraken Banner?
Golden Cog, Bombot x 3, Bear Banner?

Hopefully mechs and Adana troops will get the weekly buff. This will give both the hero and Bombots 20% boost.

Can I just pop in here to say I think Ted-1000 is gorgeous?


The design is bearely efficient for Ghiralee’s nostalgic sake…

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  1. Outstanding artwork this week. I love both the spell, and art for TED-1000!!! Great job, keep it up.
  2. Ok, your event Hero weapon mechanics/stats are abysmal, nice art but nobody is ever going to see it more than once. PLEASE test it in one single Boss/Invasion match: Enjoy the misery feeding the AI mana over and over as you cast. Now go into the production code and buff all of them. Mang is fun and all, but a new useable weapon each week might be fun for everyone.

Wow this is going to be a brutal invasion week - We needed amazing Mech troops to make this viable - we did not get any :frowning:

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Cool new stuff.

I’m unimpressed by the Nyx change actually. I don’t mind her creating tons of gems if she drains a mythic. I’d like to see her misfire when she drains a lower cost troop. Mana drained / 2 + 3 gems would have been better.

We must do something. This is something. Therefore we must do this…


Yay, hopefully less FT nyx meta now …