Tick Tock


Speaking of which…

Why is this mech bear not “Mech/Beast”?

Because this is “Mech Week” and it has to be singularly Mech? I’ve noticed this on the previous ones too, though this may be the first one that should really be dual-type.


Why would it be Mech/Beast? It’s just a mech in the shape of a bear, no?


Dracos 1337 is a mech in the shape of a dragon, and his is dual type.
Shocktopus is an mech in the shape of an octopus, and his is dual type.


I just wonder why TED-1000 is not “Mech / Urska”.


3x Boombot-Mechanist will make this invasion painless for a long time,so this week will be way faster.


Oh yeah. Urska could work too.


I agree, which makes it al the more painful that he is completely useless by design outside of this event like all the other Raid/Invasion troops.


Sad but True… But at least you can use the troop for a week, the Event weapon is completely useless by design both INSIDE and outside of the event.


I posit that Shocktopus has a Merfolk pilot, just as Deep Borer has a Dwarf pilot and Goblin Rocket has a Goblin pilot.

Dracos 1337 does appear to be an exception, but nevertheless:
Carnex is a Mech in the shape of a monster - no dual type
Clockwork Sphinx is a Mech in the shape of a specific monster - no dual type

I don’t think there’s a strong argument from precedent either way.

TED-1000 should be of type Mech/Urska

I second what Jainus said about Nyx. Now it feels like a nerf too much (even though I don’t use her in my PvP or anything).


Contrary to the discussion so far, I’m finding the Mech invasion to be the easiest invasion so far.

Clockwork Sphinx is a troop I just like. It’s got great art and the ability’s fine. It’s a C or a B, nothing that’s going to break the game or tilt the meta, but all in all when troops like this are our worst choices we’ve got good choices.

Again, I don’t see myself using TED-1000 outside of the Invasion, but the art is cool and I like the flavor. It’s “a robotic murder-bear”, getting Enrage is a good side-effect, and being tanky goes along with being a mecha-bear. A+ inside invasion, A+ for flavor, D outside of Invasion. Still, “yes please” to this level of quality.

Re: Nyx/Florian Nerf:

I’m assuming it’s an attempt to break up the PvP meta a bit. I’ve stated this opinion before but here it is again:

The problem with Nyxbringer is it’s several powerful troops with very good synergy. I don’t think it was “only powerful when Nyx drains more than 12 mana”. This nerf probably won’t change much about it. If it does change it, the netdeck defense people will shift to some new team, probably something with Ishbaala based on what I find challenging. Players are motivated to win defense, and they’ll use the cheesiest team they can because there are no rewards for diversity.

The nerf path leads us to a future where every troop is Peasant, and you have a “great time” because every team is 4x something different even though they all do the same thing. Flat power levels aren’t the way. Giving players something more fun to do with their defense team than “set it and forget it” is the way.

That said, since I’ve started playing there’s always been some T1 meta team people were tired of facing.

  • “KMab”, or a team with something like Troll / Nyx / Kraken / Mab, was the first. To handle it we nerfed Kraken at least twice, tweaking its devour rate and even how its damage trait behaved.
  • “TrollMab” involved something like Troll / Nyx / / Mab. To handle it we nerfed Trolls because they were capable of generating way too many gems, which turned out to be what made the Kraken/Mab combo so powerful. We didn’t give Kraken any power back after deciding Trolls were the real problem.
  • “Nyxbringer” is Troll / Nyx / Dawnbringer / Mab. To handle it we’re nerfing Nyx, because we’ve decided the problem is all those times she generates 13 or more gems and I guess it compliments Dawnbringer too much?

There’s no chance we’ll nerf Dawnbringer, so I think it’s safe. I want to point out Mab has been a component on every one of these teams so far. Apparently she’s safe from the nerf gun, too. So look at what shows up in the new Mab team. Whatever’s different from Nyxbringer is the next thing to get nerfed.


Having just destroyed 80 towers in a hour. I’m happy to say. I was wrong about this weeks invasion. Very doable.
Oh and the reason TED-1000 is not Urska as well as Mech is most likely because…

They didn’t want a Siegebreaker that could be possibly summoned for every Invasions event.
Though there is a Godslayer that can be summed by the same weapon… So maybe that’s not it.
There’s a couple Godslayers who are 2 types of troops.
While all the Siegebreakers thus far are one type only.


I have a bit more respect for this troop now. Took out two towers including a Bastion (Granite Skin) by itself.

(Its a Clockwork Knight, for those unfamiliar with this obscure thing…)


How do you protect it from true damage though? That’s what killed all my mech troops today many times :frowning:


Wasn’t against a true damage tower. Most of the time I don’t actually lose troops so this doesn’t come up, but… Dawnbringer’s barrier, usually.

I realize this is not easily acquirable.


Eliminate these troublesome towers. Usually a cast from Mang and Ted-1000 will be enough, you must pick the right tower if there are more than one, try choosing one that is not mana-blocked or the last one (hardest to reach with skull damage).

I’ve been using this team: Invasion (Adana)


Again lol. Three towers alone this time, including a trueshot one. Lvl117.




McCree/Genji fusion fighting D.Va-less Mech?


Well I’m old enough to remember that…