This week: Bombots are the New 50 Shades of Bone Dragon

Well, i’ve lost my Regular Status and i’ve been “kicked out” from the Cool Kids Club (The Lounge) so i gonna rant over here. Not to make a huge fuss of it, but i think this will be the first PVP i’ll skip because i can’t stand a troop (Bombots) over and over…

This farce of people using Bombots to “help” out with the event will not work!!!

Not a huuuuge loss, i can still get the other 750 seals this week farming some Traitstones, as i already did so far, but even that feels a little “harder” today it seems… (Also RNG being really mean with me for not getting Tesla.)

Have you tried using a full mech team? They can pack a punch, and are to tanky to die from boombots.

I already completed the event without a single lost using a full mech team.


It’s not about losing, i can win without much hassle even… I guess i finally sucumbed to the well know “Rolling-eyes-out-of-boredom-from-seeing-the-same-team-again” disease…


I don’t mind facing the bombots. The 2 Bombot + Black Manacles is what gets me to skip.

I may play around with other teams later in the week, but the +50% bombots is just too fast to now abuse. Here’s hoping they see this and realize that some of the +50%s get kind of ridiculous.

The good thing, not much playtime this week, but my requirements will be done very soon.

I find it pretty funny actually.

Hey look more Bombots that’s fine I can handle the dama- OH GOD I CAN’T WHYYY DOES IT HURT…


My Kry, TDS, Kerby team seem to be enjoying the bombots nicely… it tickles…

And yes I am getting the Black Manacles.

What I am not liking is I am not seeing enough Brown teams period, and that could be because of the bug now in saving troop teams.

There is tons of other brown cards if you don’t want to do mechs… dwarves, worms, Fortress Gate, Gog & Gud, some goblins, some orcs, even Mongo

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3 out of 4 PvP matches this week come down to who’s Deep Borer misses, and who’s Manacles devours. Whee, fun.


I am really enjoying the event so far, possibly my favourite event so far.


I’ll give you a like because Eevees are awesome. :wink:
But well, maybe the whole day has been sort of bad for me in general and it rubbed on me.


Pretty much every match is Borer / 2 x Bombot / Manacles but it’s only for a week. Plus I’ve lost a couple it’s kind of hilarious.


AoE Dragons and other setups tend to handle Bombots pretty well, but a lucky Deep Borer manasurge/cascade can still f you over really bad.
Regardless of facing Bombots or facing other Mech teams with maximum bonuses from all sources, chewing away well over 150 defense per enemy troop makes the game really slow and less enjoyable.
I hope they realize that the stacking of event bonuses to 50% is just a bad idea when 25% would be just fine especially considering that with Guild Wars around the corner another static increase to troop stats is about to happen.


For those interested in helping others this week, my suggestion is a full Warlock defense.
He’s Brown, he’s fragile, and he has a 25% chance of summoning an additional Brown troop to clobber.


Posted in the wrong place…

+25% don’t change a thing. +50% bonus is okay. But yes there is an issue: if you don’t use Event troops, fights are harder. And so there is this feeling to have to use Event troops…

Maybe one solution is to apply the bonus only on the Invade troops, not the Defense ones. So you keep the fun to use usally not-so-strong troops if you want and you remove the problems of “OP troop are more OP” or new annoying teams like Bombot this week or Scale Guard.

Another solution is to put a blacklist where troops inside will not have the bonus. This idea could have also been used for Defense (ie not able to put some troops in your defense troops) to stop the nerfing META.

And for GW I was really hoping that there will not be Event bonus… Note that we still don’t know if the Event bonus is applied before or after the Sentinel one.

I was using Gorgotha/Fortress Gate/Dust Devil/Dwarven Miner and got 1 win to 28 losses but my defense team change to my Bombot invade team and when I got up this morning I got 11 wins to 5 losses. I was going to change it back but that glory is too hard to turn down.


Yup, bombots everywhere so far…




I would like to personally thank the two or three people who put up 4x Dwarven Miners as their brown team. I appreciate the help.


i dont know how is that possible but i face bombots with ~77 armor and they hit like 45~ damage :sweat_smile:
(my own bombots are mythic but have only 39 armor this week, 45 damage 1shots one of my units and 2shots the rest)

so im actually struggling a bit in pvp this week
but i dont mind them coz its just one week and outside of that week i nearly never face them so its kind of still “nice and refreshing” change to me, even if i loose more

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