This is why you should never expect something good from this game anymore


Believe it or not, but I have 7 Amethialas, and also just 4 unique dragons. At least a little more balanced for ya. We both got screwed over…


@Crow, at least on the bright side you have the two dragons I’ve been using for my replacement team for Phoenicia.

I use the purple gem dragon, yellow gem dragon, Leprechaun, and Essencia* with a double purple, single yellow, negative green banner and 3x Nyshas. Both gem dragons are gold or silver medaled and I don’t use a Hero.

This has become my go-to team now for most things except Explore 12 farming (I’d rather use an Assassin Zuulagon team for speed). It fills both dragons often on the first Lep cast and can get multiple extra turns on the board when casting the amped up dragon spells. Plus it doesn’t require a constant storm like Phoenicia. Really this could work with any two of the dragons which don’t mana block each other in first and second slot. The dragon in second slot will determine which color storm is happening.

Anyway, the point is you’ve got a pretty kicking team with just two, so maybe that can help with the frustration of not having the others yet.


Why Celestia?

Got it mixed up with Essencia for the 50% mana start. Fixed above.

Ah, werent there two dragons with that last trait, I feel her spell is so bad.

When they released the dragon faction that created skulls at the beginning of every turn, it broke the game. So they temporarily made 50% mana start for dragons the placeholder until it worked properly. I believe they switched it back once that was resolved.

She comes in handy as a backup summon every once in a while by creating more scatter damage troops if the gem dragons go down. Mostly she is to jump start things and sit quietly in the corner, lol.

If yellow storm dragon is in 2nd row it will be the storm that is counting. With a double purple banner you want the purple dragons storm, or am I missing something?

Only reason is my yellow dragon is gold medaled vs the silver medaled purple, so it does more damage usually and I’d rather have that storm going. I’ve also tried it with a simple +1 purple, +1 yellow banner, but seeing as how Lep gives a + green, I decided to use the banner I’m using.

Makes sense now after you told me that. Team is good, nothing to jump in the roof for I think, tested it in both explore level 12 and 10, and some of the level 10 battles may get slow, it is a lot of RNG based on if you get extra turn or not. Big nay for explore level 12, but that you have already stated.

I definitely feel for everyone getting dupes from eggs. But, it’s hard for me to really relate because I have only had a total of 2 perfect runs since this nonsense began. I don’t have a single dragon because I’m not falling for the banana in the tailpipe and spending gems for something others are getting for free because their luck at guessing is better than mine.
This entire week I picked a trap on the first door. Door #4. I’m getting closer to just not doing it anymore. I will say that if I somehow were to get enough Dragonite for multiple eggs after all this time and got a duplicate dragon like you all are I would immediately uninstall the game on the spot


It actually gets worse.

I’m sure most people understand already, but there are still some people out there that don’t spend gems on the Dragonite that celebrate that people that do spend gems fail and get dupe dragons. It doesn’t affect them since they can work toward it freely!

They should realize it still doesn’t make them immune to the dupe dragons when they do finally get enough Dragonites and go through the same exact process, only with a longer time between tries.

The devs have made no effort to announce a hint of a plan or timeframe to solving this other than “next year”. Even when the Dragonite Gnome comes out, it doesn’t guarantee the dupe dragons will be fixed too. So, December 2023?

Its going to be a rough time until the fix. They can put all the nice new content they want, but I’m personally going to be reminded of the Dungeon daily and all of the unpleasantries attached to it to the point where new content doesn’t matter to me.

Would gladly lace this comment with swears, but kids and stuff. Except I wouldn’t want to expose kids to simulated gambling like Gems of War does.


I don’t think Aragon is celebrating people getting duplicates. He is simply saying that buying dragonite with gems is not worth it untill the devs introduce a duplicate avoidance system, which is the same as your opinion, or everyone’s except the devs.

And I don’t think you need to remind him that the problem still exist for people who don’t spend gems. In fact that’s exactly the reason why he, and myself, don’t spend gems on dragonites.


Essencia is kinda bad.

Almost every other 50% mana start troops have a better spell, some even have great ones, like the Maraji Queen, who also power up one of the best troop type (Elemental).

Also, I’m not sure, but probably for every other legendary troop that is associated with a lower rarity troop, it’s the lower rarity troop’s spell requires the legendary troop being in the team, rather than the opposite case like Essencia. Example being this week’s glory troop and Krystanax.

Dragons generally suffer from the problem that the AOE damage has no follow-up. Wish Essencia can provide more board control to make a dragon team work better. Right now all my dragon team attempts feel something is missing, and it’s always this girl who sits in the corner doing nothing.

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I have to agree. They should just made her spell a guarantee exploder, so we don’t have to use the crap troop with her for explosions.

I wasn’t saying he was celebrating it

I still have only one dragon… 1,5,6 is just not the way for me, but once I change it guess what happens… Still not going to burn gems, I just close my eyes and pretend there are no dragons.


@Aragorn1 I’ve been saying this in my head the entire time, glad seeing it being used because sometimes that’s just what it is… it is what it is :laughing::+1:

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You are exactly right. I would never celebrate the game punishing anyone with dupes even when I am not participating in buying Dragonite with gems. It angers me that I have had essentially zero luck getting perfect runs and combine that with people getting 5 or 6 copies of one dragon before they have all six hardens my stance of not spending gems on another rigged slot machine

Who are laughing of us, you say ???