This is why you should never expect something good from this game anymore

And here I am with just 1 dragon and not enough dragonite to even get a 2nd yet, all cause I refuse to spend 300 gems repeatedly to get any and my luck at getting a perfect run on the dungeon is abysmal.

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To prevent dragons from repeating when crafting, you just don’t need to craft the ones you already have.

sorry to correct you, but in your setup the second dragon doesn’t determine which color storm is happening:
it is Essencia with lightstorm

Happy to be corrected when I’m wrong. I had made that assumption due to my experience switching the order of gem dragon troops, but that seems to be inaccurate.

I guess I’m not entirely sure how multiple storms interact with each other with multiple troops on the same team. I’ve also noticed if using this team in a Dungeon fight vs one of the gem dragons, the gem dragon on the enemy team’s storm is what runs from the beginning of the match and ‘is dominant’ for the remainder of the match until they are killed.

You can claim that it’s programmed this way until you’re blue in the face; it doesn’t make it true. Beyond your own paranoia on this issue, what evidence do you actually have to back this up? And what would be the benefit to the developers to behave in this fashion, especially assuming the likelihood that they’d get caught doing so at some point?

As for your “law of averages” claim? You don’t seem to understand how probability theory and random chance work. The “law of averages” might state that you should have more than 4 perfects, but that “law of averages” is also something that only should apply to truly massive data sets. The whole “if you chained an infinite number of monkeys in front of an infinite number of typewriters” sort of scenario.

You have 4 perfect runs in your sample size; there are probably players with 8 or 10 or 20 perfect runs in equivalently-sized samples. A 1-in-10 chance of a perfect run doesn’t mean you get one perfect run every ten days or that you’re guaranteed one unless the RNG is specifically coded to explicitly do so. At which point it isn’t random chance anymore.


2 traps possible. I still hate the system though, so continue

For the first turn storms get activated top to bottom, your team first and enemy team second so last applicable troop in this sequence will determine starting storm.


66 days - 6 perfect runs; the same opening pattern every day (123456), so does it average to random enough?

Longest first door trap streak - 4
Longest first door battle streak - 5
Longest first door non-trap streak - 15.


By that I assume you actually mean the law of large numbers, and not the misleadingly named “law” of averages, which is a belief and not a law. Wikipedia:

How many dungeon runs do you have recorded to make that conclusion? I don’t doubt that there could be another mistake in their code, but we frequently see people here making claims based on limited data. Look at every Vault Weekend.


No offense, but it’s called rng. I suggest waiting until January and saving up some Dragonite until then.

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I’ve had one perfect run. Zero since the Dungeon was recoded to be officially “random”.

I did spend enough gems to get one dragon. But I’m not willing to play the dupes game either. I mean, with luck like mine, if I’d bought Dragonite every day, I’d probably still only have one dragon.

I only need the dragons for kingdom power upgrades, and getting those is basically a lifetime achievement anyway, so I figure there’s absolutely no rush.