Things that need to be nerfed

I would suggest the following troopsand weapons for nerfing.

  1. Goblins - Make the extra turn less than always

  2. Staff of Madness and several similar weapons. Reduce the 1x multiplier for magic

  3. Palladin - The 1x multiplier for armor is now too much

  1. Use a Team that hits really hard, recycles Mana, Goblins yourself or use Frozen. 4 solid counters right there.

  2. Make use of Silence, Mana draining and/or Mana/denying Troops.

  3. Rowanne is worse, and both her and Paladin can be eliminated as a threat pretty quick with targeted Spells.

  1. My love for the game
  2. my time spent on it

Nerf please :wink:

  1. agree, Goblins (as much publicised here) are a bit too good for just how easy they are to upgrade and need minor nerfing…

  2. partly agree, but actually all AoE damage got way better than single direct damage and pretty much all AoE spells and weapons need moving to scale with half magic (move up the base damage to balance at lower level) - would not single out Staff Of Madness

  3. disagree… His damage is easily reduced by just shooting him… Whereas Rowanne is outta hand with x2 on armour…


Actually Paladin is boosted by enemy Armor, it’s Rowanne that’s boosted by her own Armor.

EDIT: I was wrong, which is weird enough on it’s own. Left my post for proof I’m not perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder who I was thinking about…

Probably Blade Dancer?



My heads not on straight today :worried:

Goblins need less attack damage and less spell damage.

am I the only 1 that finds goblin defense teams squishy and easy to beat?


Goblin teams with all free turns are just a waste of time to play against. Avoid them, if they get some breaks they can cycle too much on you and though you most likely still win (if you got a good lineup of your own) it takes far too long due to all that extra turn nonsense.

Paladins… just use them yourself if you think they are so great. 1 templar and 3 paladins traited out with +2 yellow banner get charged with just one yellow mana surge match.

I don’t see Paladin needing nerf he tuff at start doing good dmg or if buffed but knock his shielding out and he close to worthless then

err scrolled up Jainus already stated this. actually agree with Jainus in all aspects

I think higher mana costs would do the trick for Goblins. The only real issue is when they chain together 6 turns and wipe out two of your troops with no recourse.


Nope, I find them zero of a challenge. There are more options to counter Goblins than options for building a Goblin Team, they aren’t difficult to face.

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I find dragons or giants much more annoying just they take a lot longer to take down…

Goblins slow me down the most, but the biggest factor for my match speed is how often the game decides to drop Brown gems.

Goblins in offense though is way different than defense

Goblins are insanely easy to beat,

Star gazer

But for balance sale they should have less attack and less magic. Higher mana cost kinda goes against the theme I feel.


It goes against their rarity values. You up their Mana costs, you’d have to up their rarities.