Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


This. Last week’s bounty gives me two major orbs, one growth and one clan :expressionless:


If you can’t beat them, join them!


Tell me about it.

I have my own Bounty related story to tell:

Using Pharaoh Hound/Yao Guai combo and match after match, Hound’s Red/Purple creation will NOT line up for beans, no matter how many times I try.

At one point, there was about 40 Red/Purple Gems on the board. Guess what I got out of it? A 3-pack of Red. Yee-freakin-haw.

This bad RNG luck follows me all the way to Battle 19, where I spent… Way more Sigils than reasonable getting to Battle 20. I even had to change the team up to actually beat Battle 19, so I got less points than I was getting up until that point (some is better than none though, right? Pfft)

On a more “up beat” note, Battle 20 was a breeze and I did get an Ascension orb out of the deal. (But, a lot of time, Sigils, and frustration went into it. Not entirely sure it was worth it. Is what it is, I guess. Welcome to Gems of War)


Gems of War…:man_facepalming:

Oh and the tribute adjustment. (Nerf)


The ‘bug fix’ to Zuul’goth. Why? Why re-nerf the already stupidly difficult to get mythic if he isn’t useful at all. Sure a kill is nice but he doesn’t get the stats unlike Great Maw. If they do that then we should see a nerf to Raid Zuul’goth because it just seems unfair.


The biggest thing that frustrates me about GoW is that rewards will probably continue getting nerfed down the line. If more people than ever are playing (as noted recently by the devs) then “protecting the economy” will be paramount.

If it weren’t for the amazing TUF community I doubt I’d still be around. The game switched from “fun” to “grind” a long time ago.


That we just got a new weapon for the Sin kingdom and…

It’s ANOTHER Legendary weapons?!

Are you kidding me?!

Whether Delves help you get higher rarity ingots or not, isn’t the point here. Three, THREE Legendary weapons for one kingdom and that’s it?! No lower rarity weapons to speak of at all?! You gotta be kidding me.

Hmm, I wonder which weapon I’ll “choose” to upgrade for my 5th Kingdom Star. I don’t know, man. So, many “choices”, here. We got a Legendary one, another Legendary one, and oh, look, another Legendary one!

Come on!




Well, son of a… female dog.

That stinks, man. Hope you have better luck next time.


The inconsistent verbiage.


The horrors of undeath are nothing compared to this…


This…should be at the very top of this list.


Really I’ll cover a whole class of complaints:


  • I do not like my rewards being random.
  • I do not like whether I deal damage or not being random.
  • I do not like the effect of a troop being random.

This is especially true when there is a very big difference in valuation between results:

  • Players value Orbs of Ascension much higher than other Orbs. But even if I work harder at an event and spend many more gems, I don’t get a better chance of a better prize.
  • I don’t like abilities like Agile. It is more deterministic to deal with 25% damage reduction than 2% dodge. If I point 3 rounds of skull damage worth a total of 200 damage at a troop, the 25% resister will take 150 damage and if I don’t like that outcome I have to find a more optimal move. The Agile troop will take anything between 0 and 200 damage depending on chance.
  • I don’t like troops like Fizzbang/Nobend that may or may not do the thing I want them to do. I especially don’t like the one game in a blue moon where they tag team each other for 10 straight turns.

I like determinism. It helps me set a plan. It usually implies if I spend money, I will get good things faster. The current game setup is telling me that even spending money won’t yield the goals I want to achieve. So I don’t spend money. I can’t be the only one.


I also loathe Agile and Artema’s Unique Trait which gives double that. Having an enraged attacker missing not once, not twice but five times in a row because Agile sucks beyond belief and don’t get me started if one of them appears in a high level Raid.

Not to mention that all orbs heavily favor Growth which is just stupid. Why? You get a free Major Orb of Growth for free from Invasion and Raid and it isn’t even that hard to reach yet Ascension, the lowest chance, rarely shows up. Now, if it was switched and you got a Major orb of Ascension instead of Growth then there would be much less complaints about Ascensions never dropping.


enraged doesnt bypass agile?


I don’t like “it has a counter” as an argument here. Kafka did it RE: a Tower ability a couple of weeks ago and the thread was closed (for different reasons, it had run its course) before I could articulate my objection to that off-topic thing. (I forget the details but that was “the counter to X is Stun”, which I suppose does work for Agile too but… doesn’t work for Towers.)

Anyway, I have three beefs with that.

First beef: It’s not about whether I can neutralize the ability. I don’t like random things period. If I wanted to play a game about randomness, there are plenty of slot machine, coin dropper, etc. games out there to scratch the itch. If anything, GoW is too deterministic for that particular itch. But I don’t like in-betweens.

Second beef: Neutralizing a trait with Stun or a counter-effect has a setup cost. There’s no troop that’s permanently enraged, and there’s no way to make a team that permanently stuns the troop with Agility. And even if I can set up a stun or enrage effect, I can’t guarantee I’ll get skull damage done while it’s active.

Third beef: one troop doesn’t make a strategy, and sometimes the counter-strategy has no effective team. For example: you can’t Stun some enemies. Or in some events, we’re under team-building restrictions that don’t make counter-effects like Enraged possible/feasible.

So it’s not a good answer to it. And, in general, I don’t think it’s a good idea to inject counter-arguments in a gripe thread. I’m looking for commiseration, not solutions.


I bet you they are making a troop that has 80% skull evasion, 80% skull reduction and 75% magic reduction but fills all four slots because “It needs to be the new Zuul’goth” and requires 20 Orbs of Power to get along with 5 Xathenos and 80 Goblin Mythic.


i was just asking the other poster…who said they missed while enraged. i assumed enraged would bypass agile, but according to their post they missed repeatedly while enraged.


Given the current status of 4.1 it’s likely that Enraged is supposed to overrule Agile, but due to the way the cost of changing classes is implemented it’s not working right and every time you try to hit an Agile troop with an Enraged troop someone else’s Zuul’goth casts three times in one turn and a random player loses 50 gold.


Collecting tributes since the new update. Hmm I’m about 1,000 glory short in 1 day. :joy::rofl::neutral_face: