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Things that make you angry while playing GoW

I’m going to craft Zuul’Goth eventually, but, in the mean time, using Blue Orbs to ascend troops to Mythic is far more useful than getting a “Trophy” troop that is really pretty useless…

Zuul most certainly isn’t a really pretty useless troop, far from it. Those who have zuul will confirm that.


Basically. I mean, he’s definitely worth using. He’s super costly to charge and there are obviously faster ways to play… but satisfying and amusing to use for reasons beyond just being super hard to get.

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What @Shimrra says.
Zuul was useless originally - with one-cast only. Now…he’s not the best thing out there but definitely makes some fun.

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Best troop for high lv delves when you can’t use Irongut.

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Every Blue Orb you use today is 2-3 months of waiting on Zuul’goth when you decide to use it.

ZG isn’t useless like it used to be. There are a few teams where it is devastating if you don’t Rope Dart your way to destruction before it gets going. I can’t think of a troop where ascension to mythic represents as big a boost as “getting a troop you don’t have” does.

No, but a “God” should be Invulnerable, rather than just Impervious. I’ve met a few ZG teams in PvP and never had a problem dealing with them.

As for “Getting a troop you don’t have”, if it’s a troop you’re not likely to use much, then it’s not an effective use of resources, and it’s not even as if you need him for that extra +1 Magic in Karakoth any more.

Nobody claims Zuul is awesome in defense, it’s in attack where he is very useful especially in delves.

I find Delves pretty tedious and I’ve only recently started doing them because I’ve now got HKI and Vash which at least lets me get through them fairly quickly.

Maybe by the time I’ve completed all the ones that I can do with that pair, I’ll have got enough Blue Orbs to craft Zuul.

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  • Nothing but (Major) Orb of Clans and (Major) Orb of Growth drops. Seen several screenshots in this thread that look all too familiar.
  • AI cheating as for example miracling skull matches out of nowhere, hitting that 10% chance to devour 4x in a row, etc etc.
  • Poor performance of servers even when the exclamation mark is not showing
  • Game getting stuck on a loading screen when exiting bounty hunter event
  • Opening 5000+ chests and not getting the new mythic, which is also pre-programmed because when I get it my brother doesn’t and vice versa, which I first thought was just odds but a friend of mine started playing a little later and apperantly she is in the same group as me as when I get it, she gets and when my brother gets the new mythic then she can throw all the keys in the world at it and will never get it either. Yeah, not buying that is a coincidence, a very clear pattern is showing.
  • Chests yielding nothing but the lowest possible rarity even when you open 200 at a time
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What has been making me angry? hero classes that summon troops every time they are damaged, can’t be targeted, and can’t be stunned. Have to kill 5-8 spiders just to kill the hero. Attacking these defenses are a waste of time. Could match mutliple skulls at the same time, but only one hits the hero, the rest hits the summoned spider.

Need a troop that fills in empty enemy space to prevent summons.


I hear ya. Maybe they should make a troop that, upon landing a summon procking spell/instance of damage (or on a kill moreover) they can countersummon a new bomb troop on the enemy’s team that immediately casts a charm-esque flat damage to adjacents once they get their turn. Might make it a bit better for those infinite bandit teams too.

Not having a single deeds task in over a week.
I can’t wait until “RNG” causes the similar streak of deed tasks 7+ days straight. :roll_eyes:

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Being forced to watch a goblin team doing trickle damage while never ending their turn, for almost two minutes, at 4x speed, with the Retreat button conveniently disabled. I really hope that whoever intentionally added that “feature” to 4.6 will personally have to suffer through the shitstorm that goblin week will knock loose in a few days.


At the treasure hunt when I am making 5-matching and then a lot of cascades occurring with other 5-matchings, so after that I am getting only the one extra turn!

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“Please disable the retreat button during the opponent’s turn.”



When you cast your doom weapon and the 4 of a kind you thought you had gets screwed up by your weapons create gem… during GW…my fault for upgrading yes

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Another cheatwars week is over, but yesterday against startboardcheat, skullstormcheat, cascadecheat, extraturncheat, manasurgecheat and 100% proccchancecheat are nothing possible.
Or it was “rng” but then, let me flip a coin and its the same… :roll_eyes:

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Aside of serious balancing issues, like even fully upgraded base lower tier creatures being utterly irrelevant against base mythic creatures, my biggest problem with this game is it being rigged.
As far as creatures go, there are certain combos of rare and ultra-rare creatures than could be taken into higher tier games, but commons are just trash, not worth wasting time on. And pretty much all creatures, that team could be build around, are of legendary of mythic rarity.
As far as game being rigged, then its not a “maybe” or even “probable”, its a fact. I did maybe 3 dozen various tests and they all show same thing. When it comes to rng, outcomes for player and ai often differ to rate of thousands of percents, that go far above margin of error. With ai being guaranteed to be “luckier” in 99% of cases. With this “luck” encompassing every aspect of rng, from location of “randomly” spawned gems(ai spawns gems in tight clusters, resulting in x4, far more often than player does and require less initial gems to be present to get x4) to duration of buffs/debuffs to effectiveness of abilities that are based on percentages(like player inflicted Death Mark working in only 0.9% of cases, while ai is rocking it effectiveness in mid 20s - tested on Warlord 2, based on sample of 500+ turns under effect).


Fighting 138 straight lvl 12 explores and getting zero tokens of Anu or Nysha.