Things of Stone and Wood

New Ultra-Rare Troop: Petrified Treant

The Petrified Treant will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Legendary Troop: Dragonstone Guardian

Dragon Stone Guardian will be available exclusively in Event Chests this week, and will make its way to Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in the usual 3-4 weeks.

World Event: A Dragon’s Secret There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: War’Drok, Sol’Zara, Eye of Arges, Volthrenax, Matron Dragotani, and The Worldbreaker. This event has 3 Phases:

  • Phase 1 – The first 3 battles are the only available battles to play, and have an equal chance of appearing. Players will need to win 15 battles here to progress to the next phase.
  • Phase 2 – The first 5 battles are the only available battles to play, and have an equal chance of appearing. Players will need to win 15 battles here to progress to the next phase.
  • Phase 3 – All 6 battles are now available with an equal chance of appearing. This phase continues until the end of the event.

Scoring You can find the following rewards for each of the different battles you may encounter.

  • War’Drok: 3 Idols
  • Sol’Zara: 4 Idols
  • Eye of Arges: 5 Idols
  • Volthrenax: 4 Crystals
  • Matron Dragotani: 5 Crystals
  • The Worldbreaker: 6 Crystals

Each Idol is worth 2 points, and each Crystal is worth 3 points. Battles against Eye of Arges and The Worldbreaker will drop a variable number of Idols and Crystals (on average about 1.18x the base amount). As battles against Volthrenax, Matron Dragotani, and The Worldbreaker get harder, they will increase the amount of Crystals they give by 25%.



The loot table for troops in Hellcrag event chests is expected to look like this:

Chance Amount Troop
0.11% 1 The Colossus, Tourmaline
3.2% 1 Czernobog, Dragonstone Guardian, Xenith
12% 1 Adakite, Chalcedony, Eternal Sentinel, Herald of Torpor, Morganite
21.6% 1 Craghound, Nabassu, Petrahulk, Petrified Treant, Stone Panther
21.6% 2 Petrified Golem, Stone Mefyt, Stone Zombie
21.49% 3 Hellstone Gate

Remaining 20% is various resources. Data is based on community observation, there is no reliable official information, even in-game ads have been incorrect in the past. If you plan to open event chests, wait till the weekend for the community to find irregularities, this significantly reduces your risk of getting burned.


Dragonstone Guardian’s 3rd trait is bugged, it is currently giving ONLY itself reflect, on ANY gem match lol.




Auto-Play can help you play the game while you’re away.

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I’ve reported the issue with Dragonstone Guardian’s Trait, thank you.


Why are there extra reward tiers but no way of getting double score?


Extra rewards, ok. But:

  • 1 Shiny Key added and Epic Key removed from stage 10;
    No Featured Troop Shiny Tokens.

Dragonstone Guardian’s flavour text is also missing.

And the World Event text was clearly not put through a grammar checker.

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It seems that current world event reward thresholds are done by the assumption that we would have way to double scoring, which isn’t the case. As of now, PS current leaderboard leader has done 92 battles and has around 1700 pts, while the average per user in a full guild is around 2200 pts or something.

As of now, this World Event is a Tier 6+ event which is just plain stupid as no event has ever required such high tier purchase to get all rewards.

Get your things together devs, please. This is getting ridiculous. Adjust the reward stages and please do this before friday.


And we’re back to cryptic scoring. For a while, I thought our feedback about World Event scoring had been quietly accepted and we were seeing mythic > legendary > epic.

But as well as a high buy-in needed this week we have counter-intuitive scoring which is not described anywhere in the game.

What should a player pick here?

Eye of Arges, surely? It’s mythic! It’s a higher level! No, you should pick Volthenrax. Voltenrax has more base points (12 vs 10) and it improves the score for Volthenrax in subsequent battles. How is a casual player meant to know this?

War’Drok 6 points
Sol’Zara 8 points
Eye of Arges 10 points variable (x1.18)
Volthenrax 12 points increases
Matron Dragotani 15 points increases
Worldbreaker 18 points variable (x1.18) and increases

A summary, useful for guild chat (but check my arithmetic first):

Worldbreaker > Matron > Volthrenax > Eye of Arges > Sol’Zara > War’Drok

[update] This summary, from Jerog (below) is simpler:

Dragon > Orc, then highest rarity


A different rule of thumb: Dragons earn more points than Orcs, rarity comes second.

I’ve been begging for an ingame score display in world events for so long, I lost all hope that it will ever be included. Especially now that they are not weekly anymore, and there is even less pressure.


Also (not high priority) but it hasnt his TAGLINE

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Another week, tier 7 purchase(s) needed again :poop: But scaling can help here maybe

It probably said something about the insane reward thresholds this week and promptly got chat banned. :clown_face:


They never gave Dragonstone Guardian any flavor text, which is why it’s blank lol.

Was waiting the entire time, expecting some super secret last minute thing to show up by the Oct 1 changelog. nada.

in all seriousness: we need a bug report for this.
WE now with extended stages was in no patch announced and like you said:
no way to get double points like in other events, it is just a bug.
maybe, because of their own event calendar they thought it is invasion week now?



Let’s ignore the extra rewards for now. Do we have the average number of battles required to unlock stage 12 rewards? Those used to be somewhere between tier 0 and tier 2 purchases, if it is higher now something obviously stinks, intended or not.

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good idea, maybe later that day i can calculate or others can jump into it.

so 48k points for stage 12; 1.6k for player, a lot of different numbers now on leaderboard (cause of weird scoring and the variant drops i guess), but looks like t3 or t4 is needed

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