Thieving Guild Task Bug and an Angry Mob


In Darkfall guild, I went to finish out an Exploration task. There was about 240 gold remaining for completion. I contributed the gold and then received this error:

Followed by this error:

The task was gone when I went to complete it again. It was replaced and we received no resources for the task. I restarted the game and still no resources and a new task.

It just pocketed our gold and–like many Americans during this political season–it up and headed for Canada.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as there is a mob of angry peasants from Sword’s Edge surrounding my castle. I think a few of our guild members are mingling in the throng bearing torches… and pitchforks… and … wait! Are they burning bras?

View from my Inner Sanctum window:

Little help?

Error Messages while trying to complete guild tasks

This has happened to me on a few occasions. I too posted it here on the forums.


Did they check your log and recover the lost resources?


I have not been notified if they did.


Snap. That is no fun.


I have run into the error when multiple people attempt to complete the task at the same time. Albough in my case we were awarded the keys


Support can help you out (If you haven’t sent a message already).