These two new Doomskull based legendaries are mythic level strong


I’ve been playing off and on for three years or so. I am not in a guild any more, but I was for a while.

It has always been the case that a paying player will be better equipped at the same level, just not anywhere near the extent it is now. It isn’t likely that there are many non-paying players who have the resources to craft Dawnbringer, Infernus, or whatever. It also isn’t likely that non-paying players have the keys layng around to have all new legendary and mythic troops on day one.

I understand that paying should confer an advantage, just not to this extent. While I am old school and personally feel that the microtransaction model is very detrimental to gaming as a whole, it’s still possible to do it well. This game isn’t a good example of that.


If you want to craft and loot everything in the game then you probably need money for that. If you chose carefully what you throw your gems at and use your crafting resources for you can absolutely have current strong meta offenses defenses etc.


I completely disagree. A paying player will reach any given point more quickly than a free player - but then once the free player reaches that point, they’ll be just as powerful. This game is extremely viable to play 100% free, much moreso than most.


That can’t possibly be true. A paying player will have both what they paid for and what they earned at a given level. A non-paying player will have only what they earned. Not only will the paying player get there faster, they’ll have more when they do - at the very least what they paid for.


On the topic of lower level players struggling: this happened to me. I came in when Kraken/Troll/Mab/whatever was the meta. I was at level 200 something, unsure of exactly what the hell I was supposed to do against a team I couldn’t possibly out play due to the stat difference.

The problem isn’t what the end game meta is, the problem is the matchmaking. Address that, and Doomskulls/Kraken/Ish/Infernus disappear. Very few people will have an end game meta team ready to go at level 200+.

On the topic of Doomskull defenses: I have lost to one out of the 20 or so I’ve managed to find (on purpose) in PVP. If worse comes to worse and I find myself losing more, any “take reduced damage from skulls” goes up first. Pretty simple fix. (At my level, again, see above for beginner players).

Everything else: I stopped using the Doomskull teams. I found them more annoying than fun. Critical thinking and observing the board is for Bejeweled and Puzzle Quest, both of which I play from time to time. Gems of War is about exploding, killing, dying, etc etc. My Divine team can’t wipe out 4 troops with one cast, but it can nag away for about 15-35 seconds.

My Doomskull team can’t nag away, but it certainly, on average, for me takes longer than 35 seconds to put together a 2 second Doomstorm that after seeing about 30 times, is old.

Final thoughts: Doomskull troops are a novelty. At first they are amazing, but now, they are just another “raid/invasion flavor of the week troop”. For lower levels, they are great. I’m end game, so to me they are meh. They aren’t fast, they are barely efficient, and I’d rather donate for legendary tasks to my guild every so often during play than browse for random cascades, then hope to get lucky, then possibly donate.

The only thing broken about them is… nothing. Matchmaking is at fault. And I’m sure I, and somebody else will occasionally get caught by a Doomspam and lose a match. Hell, I have fully traited Divines, max level, and I lost to a firebomb team once. That was before doomskulls came out. I was laughing my ass off.

On average though, anti Doomspam teams are already working, and after a week or two this will become another feature in the game people are used to, rather than the focal point.


I am level 300 something at the moment. It’s fine. These newer meta teams (doomstorm and divines) are a fun challenge. I can beat them sometimes. The teams I hate the most by far are mana draining teams. Being prevented from casting your own spells is just… not fun.



So what is the max of cascades you did when battle was over?

I saw 6, anyone beat this?


Don’t forget paying players level faster.

Free players can attain everything just takes much more time investment. Paying = timesaving basically.

The ultimate goal is to have all troops fully levelled and traited at which point both players will be at same power but free player had to take the long way.


I did 10… Lmao


Wow need a video next time :slight_smile:


Ya I wish but I don’t think I can do that on my phone.


Gorgotha, Justice, Glacyion, Queen Aurora is a fun team that has a lot of protection and board control given that it is a doomskull spam team. Rush Gorgotha to get everyone full then cast aurora on red gems for life, barrier, and glacyion fodder. Cast glacyion to create a lot of doomskulls and blue gems for justice. Use justice on doomskulls to buff ally life/attack and create more doomskulls. Rinse repeat :slight_smile:



Sorry I missed that but to address the question of what teams I face that beat / counter me when I’m using the Divine meta on Offense
Most common team that beats me is EK, QM, Valk & Skadi, next probably is Goblins and 3rd is probably the same “Divine” meta itself when it gets the upper hand the AI can smash it pretty well lol

Now I’m not saying the Divine meta is bad - it is not in fact it probably second only to this new doomskull meta (for myself of course everyone plays differently so your results may vary)



We had brown guild wars yesterday on consoles and I scored 9.606 with Gorgotha/Glaycion/Bloodhammer/Elemaugrim.
First things first, you probably ask why I use ele as her mana colors are fully blocked, and ever if - her cast won’t produce any value to the board?!
The answer is easy - attack reduction.
That said, doomskulls still do the +5 damage even if the opponent is at 0 attack (can’t confirm with entangle),
But I still won fast and easy, other than before with Gorg/Khor/Famine/Highforge which won steady but slow, which costs points.

So no complaints from me here. On attack they are extremely strong, on defense they have the same %chance to destroy you like goblins, divines or the ftnyxmabkrak meta.


@maze that is a great score what bracket and team scores were you and your opponent at for that match (if you know) ?


Form what I can see… Definitely a high risk high rewards team. Doomstorm can easily backfire on me if I am not careful.


Ah I think I finally know why Doomstorm are stronger. Unlike other coloured storms, Doomskulls can match against BOTH normal skull and Doomskulls.

This makes this particular storm doubly more effective whereby gems generated by coloured storms can only match against its own colours only.


We are in the low 40s iirc, my team score is above 10k and theirs were around 5-7k I think. Nothing special and no actual defense teams, though.
Mab would and will probably stop this team if she freezes the first troop regardless of what you have in front. Or even easier with an Ice Golem.


They are very easy to beat if you use freeze. Once the king’s last trait triggers and you get a turn, explode board and watch other team melt.