The Underspire Team Builds

This is a thread where we share our Underspire teams.


This weeks Darkstone underspire team:




(Well if you’ve got FIVE Nebuladryx you may as well use 'em :rofl:)


@esslee I wish there were an easier way to get a 2nd Nebu. At the moment it is not worth it for me, as I can go on forever without getting it from an egg. But I agree, brilliant to pair them up for this event! :slight_smile:


I would have preferred to just have the one :rofl::rofl:


Any solid builds this week? I can see Zuul’Goth in the lead.

Personally, I’ve chosen not to use Zuul’goth this week in Underspire.

I picked out Vash’dagon (4th spot) and Nyar’mel (2nd spot) as my two primary damage dealers, followed by the Old Magus Staff for my Hero (3rd spot) to serve as exploder/generator/re-summoner. (That last being necessary later on when troops start dying against high-level enemies.)

Not finding an eligible Yellow troop that satisfied me, I pulled the Deep Golem out of mothballs to serve as starter tank and cannon fodder (and lunch for Vash’dagon); I’ll cast his spell once in a while if the board sets up appropriately, but it’s not really my primary or even secondary strategy.


Working well so far. Might drop Elder Dragon at some point.



KARAKOTH Underspire

Starter team


The Elder Dragon is in the Event Chest this week.
Load up Dark Troll & Green Slime then play Slime to generate purples and Troll to double them.

After the blue door I’m using this …


Same system with Troll & Slime

All troops are unaffected by ‘Web’ with regard to the number of purple gems generated.

This team happily plays through E12 in any kingdom so should be good to the end :crossed_fingers:


Do you think these teams may be both fast and effective to use in stage 4 and 5? I am not sure to go all in this week. Thanks for posting the teams btw. :blue_heart:

The team I posted above for this week isn’t likely to be fast against later enemies; it simply lacks the instant mana generation to do that. Which could be “cured” by subbing the Eldritch Minion for the Deep Golem, but doing so sacrifices tankiness and therefore presents me a different problem in return for the uncertain gains because I only have the one purple troop.

As far as “effective”? Maybe Zuul’goth would work “more efficiently” at high levels so long as I’m not running into Dooms. Which can happen often enough to be a headache. I still like Vash’dagon because I believe he doesn’t lose his effectiveness short of running into an enemy team that can submerge.

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Take it for a spin to see how it works in any Explore 12 - It is fast and effective in all kingdoms.

Using Elementalist allows you to entangle all enemies quickly (because of all the purple x4 matches) and safely pick off the unentangled troops with Zuul. I rarely if ever use the weapon. Its all about Troll & Slime.

I have just reached the yellow boss & door 5 (level 200) and have not used any trinkets yet nor have I lost any troops.

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Thanks for the sharing! Sadly the Journey event will get the best of me this week. I hate the event so much, but must help my guldies. I am sure other will use your teams this Underspire.

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The Event Captain seems to be working much better this time !

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Possibly fun team. Vash feeds the other mythic magic by continually eating 4th


Let’s see how far this team carries.



Is there really no rule for finding the boss? Main path is easy but once again i had to search EVERY room for the boss

20 battles to find yhe first boss is not acceptable. Im sick of bad luck every week. Last two weeks its taken me 150 gems a day and 120 fights to clear

This is working well.
It should be good right up to the end rooms.


I am using this team for the World Event too.


Thanks for sharing, team looks good! I will certainly try it as soon I start at Underspire. Could you just have marked the team/post with Urskaya. It will be easier to find then, next time we have an Underspire from Urskaya.

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Underspire (Hellcrag) team this week.