The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

Update available on PS4 now :smile:


Yep downloading now.

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lol i knew it would be horrible but not that much, bone dragon really suck now, he lost his charm :slight_smile:

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Was to stop all the bone-courage cheese going on. Lol, I actually have to play with my eyes open now @Rickygervais

omg also look like the death mark is already changed do 2 turn delay

2 turn or one turn

i see 2 turn on death text

Should be one turn

Hey guys, this is a translation error regarding death mark. The team are working on a fix for that now. It’s still 0 turns and will be made one turn in the next update.


@Saltypatra do you know if we gonna get pharos ra this friday or next week?

I don’t know. :slight_smile:


This smiley make me think you know it but don’t want to tell me lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you know what Troops are going to be added into the Chest drop table this Monday from 4 weeks ago?

It’s in the OP. Obsidian Golem and Lady Ironbeard.

He was released this morning

Let me doubt about it, i don’t see any official news :slight_smile:

Edit: nevermind i found it

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Original post updated for 3.0 update and release of Pharos-ra. Even though the Guild Wars troops are unobtainable until Guild Wars actually starts, I am counting them as released since they are in the troop list (PC/Mobile players don’t have them all yet, either). With that, we are nearly caught up on troops (only 18 behind).

The only troops that we don’t have yet are:
Suncrest Kingdom (8 troops)
3 Unreleased mythics (Ketras, Stonehammer & Elemaugrim)
6 Recent PC/Mobile troop releases (Nyx, Sentry Bot, Clockwork Knight, Tesla, Bone Naga, Sir Gwayne)
Necrezza (was a free gift to PC/Mobile on 3.0 release, then went into chests later)

In @Shiratori’s honour, I am abandoning my “no predictions” policy and taking one last stab at how I think things will unfold over the next few weeks:

Nim has already announced that we’ll get Nyx this coming week (plus Dark Troll and Void Portal) for glory. The following week will presumably be Suncrest, with maybe a Friday release (just after Pharos-Ra ends his exclusive week). They might slip a bonus troop or two into that week (Necrezza and/or Bone Naga?). An Adana event after that and one or two more events with bonus troops to catch up on the last couple weeks of PC/Mobile releases and we’re done with non-mythic troops. I think they’ll run mythic-exclusive weeks every two or three weeks until we’re caught up, but that will still take 6-9 weeks. Even at 9 weeks, we’re still on track for a simultaneous release of the next PC/Mobile mythic in July.

Edit: when I wrote the last couple sentences, I was thinking the release schedule was a mythic on PC/Mobile every 2 months for some reason, when the actual schedule is 1 per month (Kingdoms are 1 every 2 months). With that in mind, they really need to release 2 mythics per month (or one every 2 weeks) on console to make any meaningful progress catching up. I hope/suspect that’s what they’ll actually do.

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Although not strictly applicable to this fantastic record of unreleased troops I think it would be great to also keep account of the exclusive weeks for Apocalypse Mythic troops. They will throw a spanner in the works.

Hopes of an increased Mythic drop rate during this intensive catch up period have dwindled.

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I’m not sure exactly what you mean by that - can you explain?

There was a request to have a exclusive week for apocalypse troops to drop. My understanding is the devs we’re looking into it but no guarantees could be done, just that they would look into it.