The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

I did some arena on PS4 today and saw Blackhawk troops… Have those been in there for a while? I haven’t done arena lately.

Don’t know - haven’t done Arena in months. I think it isn’t unusual for unreleased kingdom troops to show up there, though. There are no legendaries in Arena, so you should be safe from super-Kraken…

Bummer, I hoped it meant something good.

Been there a few weeks, and giant toadstool too.

Getting closer. Based on the hints dropped so far, I would guess maybe next Friday or even the week after. I think it was Alpheon that said we’d get Gard BEFORE Blackhawk.

If you take the ‘before’ seriously, the earliest it could arrive would be Monday if they released the kingdom and did the kingdom event simultaneously, but I don’t remember them doing that before.

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So let me explain what’s going on with console content releases.

It became clear with the last update on console versions, we have to take into consideration, and make sure that, we have enough events in reserve for any potential delays from Sony and Microsoft. This allows us to continue putting out new content while you are waiting for the next update.

HOWEVER, on PC/Mobile we were planning events only about 4-5 weeks in advance… We knew we would have to modify our approach to planning new content as we sync up consoles, but when we ran the numbers in December, it became apparent that we needed to plan out a little further than we’d anticipated. As an example: when the last console update went out, the consoles only had event data up to the Witches in Britches (Night Hag/ Giant Toad). So while we did have extra events, it turns out that we need to hold onto them in case of any unforseen delays.

Now trust me when I say that we REALLY want to sync events up for Consoles & PC/ Mobile (not just for you guys, but also for us, as each weekly event is then only half as much work for us, and we can spend the extra time making/fixing more things!).

So what does this mean?

Well, currently we have been working on getting content planned 3 MONTHS ahead. This content doesn’t just mean events either, it also includes new kingdoms, mythics, and Hero classes. The PC/ Mobile version doesn’t currently support this many events in advance (consoles however DO, so you guys are ahead in that regard); so we’ve been adding new support for more events to the pc/ mobile version.

It is our hope that in the following weeks after the next big console update, that the events will begin to sync up for everyone. This means that we will be able to offer bonus troops to in the console events as we will have that event leeway already planned out.

TLDR: We have a plan!


Nim, question: Inevitably there are problems with troops as released that require adjustments and fine-tuning. For PC/mobile you have the ability to spot-fix these and release them fairly quickly, while Console offers no such luxury. (See for example Kraken’s third trait, which was eventually fixed, and The Dragon Soul’s, which is still broken and provisionally using IK’s.) When this situation arises in the future, is the plan to allow PC/mobile to diverge in order to get an expedient fix out, and leave Console until you can certify a patch?

I don’t play on Console, but I can see how syncing up to PC/mobile is a bit of a double-edged sword for them. On the one hand, you get to be excited about new troops as they are released. On the other, the PC/mobile crowd has been a great source of playtesting for troops before they’re “baked” and sent to the less-agile platform. What are your plans to reconcile this as you sync up the platforms?

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We’re currently investigating a Unity Asset Pack feature which would let us dynamically update console troops… failing that, we’ll investigate a way to stream troop data directly from our server for “fixes” that are required.


Thank you for the very clear explanation. Everything you say makes perfect sense.
Some may find this news disappointing, but personally, I don’t really care about the length of the timeline as long as upcoming changes are reasonably predictable. Consider my expectations recalibrated.


Something new in 34min? I see the VIP timer at 34min. Gard avatar?

Should be Gard’s avatar. I noticed on Sunday that the chest timer ran out a few hours before the event rollover. The VIP and event chests both said “chests expired” or something for a few hours. I wouldn’t open any keys until after rollover, just to be safe…

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You are right VIP chest expired but the event chest look ok i can read 3 day left

New Mythic’s don’t usually go into Event chests I believe. The only time event chests have mythics is if they are from a current event kingdom.

The VIP chest will show the new mythic, due to the exclusive period when they are added. So far no new troops are visible.

I assume it will be there on the reset? I saw nimhain talk about a new kingdom on pc you think we will also get the pirate kingdom?

No Blackhawk this week.

Oh well i tried lol so only gard avatar?

Only Gard’s Avatar today.


Sword’s Edge:
Queen Ysabelle - Legendary - Green/Blue (2.1) [Oct 23]
Dragon Knight - Ultra Rare - Red/Brown (2.1) [Oct 23]
Innkeeper - Common - Yellow (2.1) [Oct 23]

I hope that is the next release, should let me take sword’s edge from 5* to 7*. If I don’t run out of minor trait stones lol.

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I think that’s the most likely, but I’ve been saying that for about 3 weeks now…

Sword’s Edge is now the oldest unreleased event and if they are going to go with the same events as PC/Mobile had until the 2.2 update is in the clear, then I don’t see why they would shake up the order. I could have gotten Sword’s Edge to 5 stars already, but I’ve been waiting for these troops to do it with minimal resources.

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