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New Ultra-Rare Troop: Living Quartz The Living Quartz will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Vessel of Starlight There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Obsidian…


One Ultra Rare is the most points, the other is the least points.
Making World Events unnecessary complicated is NOT fun.

Do y’all even care if your game is fun anymore? Or is it just a matter of dollars and cents now?!?

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They are sticking to their guns. Overly complicated scoring systems that change every week = more fun. :roll_eyes:

Wasnt there supposed to be guild based leaderboards like in ToD?


Yes there were! I brought that up in a stream once, I think one where they did a dev Q&A thing. They seemed as if a guild leaderboard was a new idea that they would consider. Did they forget? I have no idea.


It’s RNG! Some weeks have them, others not. We’ve just been unlucky so far. :smirk:


Found the street the dev responsible for campaign scoring lives in:


Remember last week when everything had the same scoring formula, the points were in order of rarity, and every troop increased in points based on level? It was the most braindead scoring possible, and it was AWESOME. No one needed an instruction manual for how to approach it.

Here’s the scoring from LAST WEEK’S event:

Sky Scorpion: 4 Insects
Desert Mantis: 4 Insects
Scarab Knight: 6 Insects
The Great Maw: 8 Insects
Queen Beetrix: 8 Insects
Scorpius: 12 Insects
Each Insect is worth 5 points. As the battles get harder, they will increase the amount of Insects given by 25%.

Look at how SIMPLE that is. It’s beautiful. My god they even have everything in order!

Edit: for those who might think this looks the same as this week, I’ll explain the difference:

Sky Scorpion: Ultra-Rare (20 points)
Desert Mantis: Ultra-Rare (20 points)
Scarab Knight: Epic (30 points)
The Great Maw: Legendary (40 points)
Queen Beetrix: Legendary (40 points)
Scorpius: Mythic (60 points)

The rarity directly corresponds to the points. You can’t accidentally screw that up even if you didn’t visit the forums.

What about this week though?

Obsidian Golem: Ultra-Rare (6 points)
Rhynaggor: Epic (9 points)
Rock Troll: Epic (9 points)
Emperinazara: Legendary (12 points)
Gorgotha: Legendary (12 points)
Living Quartz: Ultra-Rare (~15 points, variable)

So someone who is following the same pattern as last week would think “Oh, the higher the rarity, the more points it is… I guess I’ll avoid Living Quartz, because it’s just an Ultra-Rare, worth the same as Obsidian Golem.”


A very simple improvement would be to just give those battle icons on the map a color that corresponds to the weight of their score:

Obsidian Golem: Blue
Rhynaggor: Purple
Rock Troll: Purple
Emperinazara: Orange
Gorgotha: Orange
Living Quartz: Teal

I mean, come on, nobody cares that Living Quartz is an Ultra-Rare troop fight, the important part to convey is how much can be gained from those fights. It doesn’t even need any numbers.


Guys writing down 6 names a piece of paper in priority order isn’t that hard.
Those who has problems with the scoring should play candy crush instead.


A piece of paper is considered a rather unusual piece of hardware required to play computer games these days. I suspect players would also find it rather annoying having to log on to some forum for every PvP battle to find out which of their three opponents is worth the most.


It also seems that @Hawx gave up to bring a little light in this dark useless scoring mystery, missing these posts :sob:


They are on the discord server every week The Flight School


To be fair, we’ve seen the Glory Shop troop be worth the most points in a large number of recent World Events. Even when that troop is of a lower rarity.

I agree, it’s counter-intuitive and it’s something that ought to be included in the game/event notes somewhere. But it’s also something that can be mitigated by saying something to one’s guild – I made a point of saying as much in Guild Chat before I went to sleep last night.

Thank you, dont like discord, but then i have to use it one time a week :wink:

I suck at that too… :woman_facepalming:

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Remember when they said we were moving to this world event system and that would allow them to be more creative?

:rofl: :ok_hand:


Creativity=RNG? Huh? Didnt know that was a thing

Then they force us to use nothing but brown troops this week in the event to boost the new troop. Does your AI really need any more advantages? 5x to 10x base troops stats aren’t enough eh?

At one point are players required to use only 2 or 3 troops against a full AI team?

My gripe would be less if anyone on the staff was to actually do world events but Salty doesn’t even stream them. Why? Because the stat difference is probably too much for her.

Y’all should design the game for Salty. Not the best of the best players. The game will never be difficult for them (I won’t include myself in that class because it’s not worth the drama). But I imagine “for them” it just becomes more of a grind than actually a difficulty challenge.

To make the life of my guild mates easier I advertise the battle priority order in the guild message all week.

We just open chat and see which battle should we choose.