The Shining


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360 Damage per cast.

Real fun devs. And it’s in the third position so even with the boosted skull damage there’s no guarantee you can get to it in time.

Barrier would be a great counter. If we weren’t restricted to brown troops and weapons that don’t have much of that to offer.

I hear y’all are hiring. Can a new position be designated just to making sure the game has more fun than bull shit? … Please.

Every time y’all do a World Event that uses skull boosts and no magic boost …it’s ALWAYS a grind. Give up on it.

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You can kind of figure out the scoring based on the lore beforehand. Just from reading that i needed crystals or whatever i rightly guessed the living quartz would be worth the most.

Its dumb but reading comprehension ftw ya’ll

Its still stupid tho dont get me wrong but all im saying is if you need to guess at it try reading the lore and fight the thing with the thing its asking for

This follows their normal m.o. Look at the crap they pawn off as mythic troops each month. Generally, there is nothing “mythic” about them and lower rarity troops are often better. The devs don’t understand the significance of rarity in this game.

There have been past events where the lore didn’t tell you. Or, the lore would tell you the best but not how the other fights ranked. :woman_shrugging:

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Or even occasions where the lore would actually be misleading…


All i know is the last 2 follow my theory. Crystals and frozen. Now the ice golem is confusing im totally not taking the devs side if you know me at all then you know that would be crazy.

Just a theory just trying to help as always.

Kill frozen or ice enemies this week other than ice golem. If that dont work lmk and ill forget the theory. Just because im theorizing doesnt mean its a cold hard fact