The proletariat would like a simple GW solution

We the proletariat, in order to form a more perfect GW system, would like a simple solution rhat should be easy to understand and implement. It has been suggested already and i would like to make it a formal request.

May we please have some kind of rating system for our GW battles? Maybe stars or a 10 point rating or something?

I think this would help a lot! If you agree and are a member of the peasantry sign my petition if you want!

  1. Gems of the Ostfront

Ooh, vocabulary.
I had to look up what that word means…


I am glad i could help you expand your knowledge brudda😎

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Are you sure you are allowed to post on the same forums as the elite?

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Actually it has been made clear to me in my 6 months here that i am not welcome here by the bourgeoisie but why shpuld that stop me? I shall not bow to oppression! I shall not stand aside while my brothers and sisters are systematically beaten down by the “elite” among us! I shall not expose my cheek to the palm of those who feel as tho they have the right to ignore, overlook, disregard, ridicule, and condemn us!


Most of this request was already fulfilled when the requested bracket system was introduced.

The brackets removed any free market aspects, and provide a very Soviet area fixed market system to the game. Compete as much as you want, but stay locked into your place. Statue Bonuses + 10 guild Brackets is a really successful way to lock the average player out of the competition.

Without the brackets, I believe your guild would care about knowing how the scoring works, because you’d be looking to gain every point you can to compete.

So while you may think all of those at the top don’t care about the rest of the player base, we do. We want the game to be healthy, and we want everyone to know the path to success. I still hope two patches from now they do a full rework of Guild Wars to provide more mobility and excitement for lower ranked guild.


So how does the bracket system address my request? And for the record i never liked the bracket system

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In fact what you are saying actually supports my point. Who wanted the bracket system to begin with? Do you remember? Look back at the GW sneak peek threads amd see.

Now i am by no means condemning end-gamers as i am nearly there myself (level 850ish) nor am i condemning top guilds as many of my friends are in top guilds. I am standing against those would actively work towards silencing people they dont agree with and use their end-gamer and/or top guild status as their means or authority.

Unfortunately i see some people act that way

+1 like for use of the word proletariat


Lol is it that uncommon of a word? Thanks tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am thinking more and more that it is surprising this hasnt been done already

As a member of the elite, I think the downtrodden proletarian masses should stay in their place and not get ideas above their station. :smile:


You would…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Why is it that about once a week this community makes it seem that i am not wanted here?

With all due respect, I feel like you’re taking this much more personally than anyone intended. @Aelthwyn’s thread didn’t carry an overly elitist vibe in my opinion, and even if it did, you could have said your piece and moved on. Instead, you’ve posted 12 times in that thread, mostly focusing on the tone of her message instead of the content. Now you’ve created another thread in mockery of hers.

I don’t think that you’re not “wanted.” That’s not the impression I gather, aside from when you specifically paint yourself in that light. Occasionally you come across as abrasive, though you do so intentionally so I don’t quite understand the confusion you now express. @RiverSong has responded to your mockery with mockery of her own, which I feel is appropriate in context – it’s the same device you are employing. There’s no victimization here, only discourse in kind.


Im gonna start off by saying this… I respect you and your opinion lyya so dont take my words as tho any disrespect is intended

You are right… I could have said my piece and moved on but the tone of the post overshadows a legitimate request. This is not the first or second or even third time @Aelthwyn has treated me as though i was beneath her (i understand this time it wasnt directed at me) i make no apologies for taking issue with someone making people feel like they are second class or otherwise unworthy.

While it is true that this thread took a mocking tone it is still meant to put forward a request that i feel is a good compromise between knowing and not knowing the formula

For the record i understood her joke and i appreciated it and if i didnt give it a like its only because i was out of them at the time.

@RiverSong is another person i have mad respect on these boards and she can tell you that if i had a problem with something she said i would speak directly to her about it as i would with you or anyone else i have respect for.

If i do so it is because that is the impression i get whenever i disagree with anyone… Respectfully or otherwise.

I have been respectful in this response but fully expect a barrage of hate directed at me for it from the community in general

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Thanks @Lyya. :slight_smile:

That is how you chose to interpret what I said.
On the contrary I reproached YOU to try to silence people who disagree with you. I said that you are not the possessor of the absolute truth, and that other people’s opinions matter as much as yours.
And that is still what I am thinking.

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So you deny treating me as tho my bracket 8 guild made my opinion matter less?

Just playing devil’s advocate here, but asking a certain group (like the Top 50) to join together is not the same as saying others opinions don’t matter. Besides, who could silence you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I was referring to a different discussion

That is quite true but the attempt to do so infuriates me

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