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The Price of a Mythic

Since Friday’s release of Will of Nysha, I have used:

  • 600+ Gem Keys
  • 5000+ Glory Keys
  • 450+ Guild Keys
  • 100 VIP Keys (5500 Gems)

And this is what I have to show for it.

I used the same amount of keys, if not more, trying to get Mother of Darkness as well. I have 5400 Diamonds right now, but I will need 32,000 Diamonds to craft all the missing Mythics I have, on the basis that the only source for the missing ones is:

  • Event Keys
  • Event shop purchases
  • Legendary Tasks

My guild only completes Legendary Tasks now on Guild Wars weeks. The other weeks we complete every task except Epic Brown, because Epic Ingots are so terrible, it’s better to save that 5 million gold (that’s 15 million saved after 3 weeks towards legendary tasks!)

The cycle is a really stupid one. A new mythic comes out, you burn all your keys hoping to get it, and then when it goes back to random Mythics, you start saving up your keys again for the next one.

For FIFTY chances, with 1% odds on every chest, it would cost me…


Over $100. Are you joking me? Well, what if I just want to roll the dice just ONCE, open ONE VIP chest, the highest chance in the game for a mythic at 1%. How much will that cost me?


Five dollars. For FIVE DOLLARS I have a 1% chance to get the new troop.

Jesus christ are you kidding me? For $2 I can go buy a lottery ticket and have a 2% chance at winning $6!

It’s pretty outrageous that after spending the equivalent of $250 in gems, I have nothing to show for it (literally, all the troops I got were disenchanted cuz they’re all duplicates – whoops, except two legendary troops, those helped me ascend those troops and level up two kingdoms, totally worth 5500 gems, that’s obviously why I used that many /s).

I get it though. I didn’t “really” spend $250 in gems. I didn’t “buy” of those keys I was saving. Everything I just collected from playing the game for free. I’m a freeloader. The only money I’ve spent on this game in the last month was $10 for 15 vault keys and 250 gems. Right now I wish I had that $10 back.

This is what corporate greed looks like. It’s what happens when game companies are so out of touch with their playerbase, they don’t know how to market at all to them. They don’t know how much money the average player should realistically be spending because they don’t know what the value is of anything in their game.

Well, I’ll tell you what it is – you release content monthly, and players keep playing monthly for it. I pay $15 a month for things like Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon… so if I spend $15 a month on this game, shouldn’t I have access to everything in the game?

Why is it that even players spending $20 a month for Ring of Wonder and then more on Flash Offers STILL don’t have all the troops and weapons and pets in the game? How is it that players who give you money, keep your doors open, are still always behind?

Or do you really think that players are sitting around with gobs of money and want to throw it at you for your outrageously overpriced offers that don’t even guarantee anything?


Sorry to tell you, but this is normal. You spent quite some and did not get her. There have been many before you that spent even more and did not get the Mythic.

You have been very unlucky so far from not getting her tho. But it happens to the best. RNG is out of our control.


That’s entirely my point. It shouldn’t be. I shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get one troop.


(Just for informative purposes)

Having never gone in VIP keys myself, but the rest of what you’ve used doesn’t seem that much when compared to the most expensive of my ventures that took close to 10k seals, above 2000 gem keys and 13 000 glory keys.

VIP keys were a last ditch effort. Each one is a 1% chance at a mythic, vastly higher than the next highest which is 0.11%. Keep in mind too that the amount of keys I was able to use was significantly less than I would have liked because, as you can see, I didn’t get the last mythic either and burned every single key I had trying to. So now I have the same problem going into the next mythic.

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Do you really think you’re the only one with bad luck?
To get King Bloodwood I’ve spent 47k! seals and got nothing. Glory keys, gem keys, VIP keys and nothing. I’m waiting for months for him to appear in the Soulforge.
On the other hand I got Will of Nysha with 800 glory keys. So what?


One mythic last year I spent 4k keys from Glory, 3k Gems, my saved guild seals, and 100,000 glory wings before getting it. RNG can be really bad at times. I was completely defeated after using everything I had for the troop (can’t remember which one). I have been lucky since and have not gone that far in resources to get a mythic, but guild members have also experienced it. I do wish RNG would stop appearing to be so streaky.

I don’t think igniteice is complaining about how unlucky his/her account has been, really. The argument is rather that no endgame account should experience this kind of bad-luck streak.

Or, put another way: if a player does everything right, scrimps and saves and does not waste, he/she should have access to the content he/she is after.

The argument is that many accounts don’t get lucky through no fault of their own, and this is a problem if you think being able to acquire all new content should be more reasonably achievable :man_shrugging:


It’s frustrating when some people get multiple copies of a troop with ease while others spend every last resource they have and get none. There is no “pity timer” in the game, unlike games like Diablo 3 and Hearthstone where legendary items/cards had their drop rates drastically increased after you go so long without seeing/opening one.

Thank you. That is exactly the point I am making.

Unfortunately this is the nature of gacha (colloquially called “gotcha”) games.

They are games with baked-in gambling to keep people spending. That is quite literally the entire point. You can try and use the resources you obtain for free to get the rewards you want, but if you don’t get them, there’s a shop that is more than happy to take your money for another roll of the slot machine.

Which also isn’t guaranteed, because…gambling! There’s a reason casinos are moneymaking machines, and game publishers want in on it, too.

What is the best way to enjoy a gacha game? Honestly…go into it never expecting to get anything you want. It’s designed to frustrate you (ideally into buying more slot machine spins). This was the first game to actually break what I refer to as my “collectophilia” - my urge to always collect all the stuff - because I refused to dump piles of Gems on every new little thing. Once I got over that hump, I was able to start enjoying the game again. I quit worrying about whether I got everything, or whether I was able to max everything right away. I refused to let myself get “gotcha’d”.

(My worst Mythic? Obtained after spending 250 VIP keys…and that was after spending all of my guild seals, gem keys, and glory keys. I will forever hate you, Yasmine’s Chosen.)


An easy fix to this would be to allow people to craft a mythic of their choice for 1 million souls, once per month. That way, even if you have to worst luck possible, you are still making some progress towards completion.

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There is already a souls sink: medals. Upgrading troops costs a lot of souls. It’s 10k to upgrade to Bronze, 20k to upgrade to Silver, and 30k to upgrade to Gold, for a cool cumulative cost of 60k souls per troop leveled to Gold, regardless of rarity.

I’ve leveled 58 troops to Gold, which has cost me 3.48 million souls. I have 2.6 million souls left. When medals came out, I think I had around 3.5 million souls, so basically, I’ve made what I have now in the time since, but I farm for gold, not souls.

I think @Sossitch’s point wasn’t to create a sink, but to offer an alternative path that you can actively work on to get those remaining mythics.
‘Unfortunately’ many endgamers have well beyond millions of souls so this exact suggestion probably won’t get much support from the devs.

Coming back to the original post: RNG is random and often it’s a bad thing even if your luck isn’t terrible, but we are told the odds at least.

When I consciously read the prices in the store or flash offers (usually because I consider giving a bit to the devs and/or trying to find a little edge in gathering troops) I’m torn between despair and manical laughter.
$60 for this 1 particular troop that is being offered right now. A troop I mightlike, but in all likelyhood isn’t going to be the decisive factor for how much I’ll play or enjoy this game. $60 for something that may provide a grain of value in some way, but will more likely sit unused in my collection.
Dear devs, take a look at the steam store and see what $60 or $100 can get me. Do you really think that a legendary or 1% chance at a mythic is remotely equivalant to me?
Would you pay $100 for 1% chance at a frying pan that never requires cleaning? I’ll bet most people would get more enjoyment out of that, but most would also call you insane for throwing money at those odds.
If you want my money and not just the whales, try offering the best armor for $5-10 or letting me pick the mythic I want from a list for $5-10. Then I might give it serious consideration. And I’m probably not the only player who would do then make maybe a dozen purchases and still keep playing to unlock the rest.
But economics are strange to me anyway. If this model works for you, who am I to criticize? Just don’t be surprised if players walk away from the choice between endless grind or paying a kidney to win.


I tell you what will make everyone feel sick, I have a level 72 account and got Will of Nysha by opening just 10 gem key chests lol!

On my level 1365 account I used every resource I had last month, about the same quantity as you used above, and could not get Mother of Darkness for love or money. The only troop I don’t have, now forced to wait for appearance in soulforge.

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personally, i don’t have a problem with the drop rates, they are what they are.

what i don’t understand, and never have, is the ridiculous price of gems and keys, as the OP has talked about. the ‘value’ of a gem is clearly out of touch with reality, i strongly believe that the devs would get more revenue by lowering these prices which would encourage more players to spend rather than just the whales.

but then hey, what do i know eh?


I think the prices shown in the shop are clearly overpriced, but the whales will buy them whatever they are. This then makes the flash offers look much more appealing and value for money, and is probably where a big chunk of their revenue comes from.

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There’s an even easier fix. Add one diamond to each gem chest, ten diamonds to each VIP chest. You might not get the mythic you are gambling for, but at least you make a little progress towards the mythic you want to craft.


I’m not going to comment on the exact amounts, but a system like this would make so many people happy!

My wife has a couple mythics on her account but she is a casual player so she doesn’t have the souls or traitstones to fully upgrade the mythics. And I think those are the people they also aim those offers to when you get a new legendary or mythic to buy the souls and traitstones for like $30 lol

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That actually sounds like a really good idea. Hopefully not too out there that the devs will just say no.