The new UI - what's wrong and what to fix


It seems like everyone are shocks with the new ui. I love this game and i play almost everyday but i found each new updates the interface are getting worse. These are some that i think need to enhance ;

  1. Font - this probably just a personal preference but it looks like the font doesn’t blend well with overall design. it doesn’t looks like a font for a game.
  2. Tab - the button for ‘news’ & ‘events’ looks like a navigation for a mobile app.
  3. Close button - not good looking
  4. Green button - the green theme just out of no where. white border and text. everything is bad.

  1. Circle icon - icons looks cheap and the blue border doest not blend.
  2. money icon - not blend
  3. top right icons - all in different theme/style. guys need to decided to make it standardise
  4. side menu icon - just replace the blue color with gold or brown or something darker

  1. Loader image - just bad

  1. This looks like a lousy job. the bottom part is so messy. white border doesnt match at all. spacing and padding are mess including the top tab.

  1. green button, close button and fonts.

  1. spacing, green button and fonts
  2. team score barely visible
  3. the team’s box spacing. too much space surrounding the box. might use it to make the box looks better

  1. too small

  1. so messy - the button, fonts, icons, the yellow text

  1. the inactive top navigation should make more visible/clear. just dont use this kind of style, the classic button will do the job

  1. FONTS!

  1. fonts and spacing. not utilizing the free space

thats all.


@kadsyy please open a 50 gold chests package
your list is so incomplete… its only the tip of the mountain


Fortunately there’s already a thread where the Devs have asked for your feedback:


Every time I see someone say this, I immediately say “umm… this is a mobile app”. I only play on Mobile, so that tends to sway my thoughts.




You don’t need to highlight just the team score here. The team name is pretty hard to read too, as are parts of the troop names. Just basically all this can be fixed by giving this text an outline.


tbh i had no idea there is team score until ppl started highlighting it in red, @Mithran