The new meta: annoy the crap out of players

Just throw 3 fully traited spirit foxes in your defense team, or 3 fully traited scale guards.
Or a card that keeps buffing itself faster then you can kill it.

I don’t understand why people do this, I guess it’s so that people just retreat out of annoyance?

Imo, it seems self destructive. Because if you setup your defense team to annoy the crap out of other people, then those other people will just move on to something that is actually fun to play. And you will be left with a bunch of players annoying the crap out of each other.

I, for one, would like an option to block people with multiple same cards in their deck from my PvP options.

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You do understand that Scale Guard is a Naga and helps you towards completing this weeks event? Right?


You’ve discovered one of GoW’s hidden gems - defense is so useless that the only thing left to do is field teams that make people want to throw their phone in the trash.

It’s a brilliant combination of human nature, 21st century online gaming, and a game design that rewards time spent over everything else.


Not if he can’t beat them. They don’t count for anything in that case. :wink:

Too true. It actually took me a couple of teams before I found one that could win consistently against 4 Scale Guards.
Then again, I really don’t care if I lose. It’s not trying I have a problem with.


If you want to help people, you put a 4 naga defense team up, which I did first thing monday morning…
If you wanna annoy the crap out of people, you put 3x the most annoying card in there.

There is a difference


Yes, there are people out there who go by the motto “Misery Loves Company”, but some people may 3 Naga because of the defense score to try and get higher rewards. It’s easier said than done, but if you don’t let it bother you, then those trying to annoy have failed.

Here’s another one… all cards fully traited: justice, valk, justice, queen mab.

I’m starting to see that this game is totally unbalanced, and it’s taking the fun away really really fast.

Maybe the problem is that people who have been playing since day one have all that cards, and people who are new, constantly get pitted against players with all mythic cards, fully traited.

I don’t mind a challenge, but this is just totally unfair.

As someone who has put hundreds of hours into the game (which I don’t consider “new” anymore), I haven’t seen a single mythic card, yet I constantly have to fight 4 of them.

That sounds like a broken game to me…

  • guild guardians joined game only recently so ppl who have been there since day one have no adventage over it
  • getting any legendary card is relatively easy if you gather some event keys and use them on the right week
  • mythics are indeed rather a long term goal but they dont make the best defense decks so you can protect yourself well using the guild guardians and/or the legendaries you sniped out with the menthod mentioned above

it is not unfair,
all of above requires to play for a longer while but not since day one, normally you get fairly competitive in few months (maybe even 1 month if you are very active? )

yeah i agree the rng is not equal for all the players and there should be some way to work towards the mythics but you know what? devs also think so!

@Mad_Butch maybe u need a better guild… Might i suggest Gems of the Ostfront😜

Perhaps you shouldn’t be actively facing teams that have all mythic ascended and lots of 5 star kingdom bonuses if you don’t have anything similar. Of course you will lose! It’s not unfair, it’s the RPG aspect of this game which I enjoy. You progress until you have all of the bonuses and all of the ascended cards and all of the powerhouse legendaries and then you can start winning against the hardest matches which are typically the end game maxed out players.

My idea of what the low to mid game is skewed because my time was era of the Mab when she was actually overpowered and I could win against any team despite bonuses. She is actually very balanced now and as a late game player now I never lose to her. There are dozens of combinations that can take down that team easily. And there are handfuls of troops stronger than her.

Bottom line: don’t complain about not being able to win against people who have spent a lot more time and resources to level up kingdoms and ascend their troops because that’s one of the biggest long term goals of this game.


What is your Defense team points set to? That controls what you are presented in PVP… if you have put this uber high point team as Defense of course you’re going to see teams that are way outside your capacity to beat.

Even for me - mid range player I set my defense team to be as low as I can get so I get better choices in PVP.

If I was complaining about anything, it was about annoying cards, and everyone using them.
Not about not being able to win :slight_smile:

Ahh that was not the impression I had. Sorry then! Best wishes!

@Vangor could be right, maybe you could use a better more active guild? guild pays huge role in the chances for card findings (more resources - more chances)

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I’m in that guild :slight_smile:


Lol i was being silly

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The repetitive nature of seeing the same teams and / or variations of the same troops is the nature of the game. People find a good combination for their invades and inevitably those teams find their way into defense teams.

I went through the same thing when I was new in the game. I didn’t have 3 selections to choose from then but it only got better with time and being able to trait and level the same cards to fight fire with fire. With the new selection system you may have settle for picking lower trophy battles until you get there.

Doesn’t make things any better but just wanted you to know that every veteran of the game has gone through the same thing.

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