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The Mysterious Cer Sygnia

A player in my guild just encountered a troop he’d never seen before and posted this screenshot in our Discord:

None of us knew what to make of it… checked http://gowdb.com/ and no mention of it.

Someone did find a mention of her here: http://www.taransworld.com/Spoilers/ but way down the list of upcoming troops, with a release date of “Jan 1 2030” (I’m guessing this just means no release date has been set yet).

So how does this troop appear “out in the wild?”

Most important, how can I get a secret mystery troop that no one else has even heard of? :grin:


Iv’e had future troops pop up occasionally in explore but never in pvp as this apparently was.

Was that troop around from the start of the battle? Or did it get summoned, e.g. by Princess Elspeth or Sir Gwaine?

That looks like the pre-battle start screen in the OP’s image. So no time for anything to have been summoned. Good thinking, though.

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Maybe the future troop showed up in arena and was then able to be purchased for gems afterwards?

It’s an epic troop. So not from the arena.

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Oh yeah, forgot about that.

Was there a single troop defense patch that fills in the other 3 spots or something I can’t recall exactly.

No, as you see it was there from the start :slight_smile: Was in standard pvp then I battled him again through his player profile to take more screenshots.



On his profile, how much “Unique troops” he has?

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Full Knight team with matching banner, so probably no random assignment for fielding an incomplete team. Low team score, so probably no player who has been active for a long time.

Wild guessing:

  • Dev account testing new troop.
  • Summoning stones from the Forge may pull troops not yet in chests.



Im guessing its a troop they’ll give as a Christmas gift, similar to Tzathoth. Looks like its already ready for deployment.

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No, no. Then its name would be [TROOP_KINGDOM_12_25].


We’re looking into this!

p.s I find this thread title amusing.


If you can send everyone a copy via the mail that would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


10 charcoals


Up to you but that would be a nice christmas gift :slight_smile:

Cer Sygnia/Ser Cygnea

I also found someone with a 4k power who used her in last slot, not smart enough to take screenshots.

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Also how does a troop at level 18 have 14 health?

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