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The Moritat Guild is looking for new recruits (Nintendo Switch)

Are you doing all the work in your current guild and wish that your idle guildmates would step up and help?

Have the demands placed on you from your current guild burned you out and you seek a more relaxed atmosphere?

We are a newly formed guild that is very active but still considered casual. We have been ascending the ranks at a breaknecking pace. We value communication among our members and attempt to balance the freedom to play the game the way you want with working together for a common goal such as guild events. Relationship among our members are tight and seek others who want camaraderie with fellow guild members.

You must be level 50 or above and be able to meet our requisite of 5k gold and 500 seals per week. Over half of our members are above level 100 and go above their oblligations to the guild because they love the challenge of seeing a new guild soar off the ground. We prefer members who want to contribute, not just to the reqs but also with getting involved with some of the guild events. Most of all, we seek members who enjoy communicating with fellow members, sharing their experiences and knowledge with one another.

If this is the type of guild you want to be a part of leave your name and invite code and we can talk further

I’m actually looking for an active guild that is still casual. The guild I’m in now has a handful of people that are active most of which don’t really do the events. They have a good amount of people who have never contributed anything. Do you have like a discord or something? The ingame chat is really finnicky at times.

Actually I prefer the in game guild chat. We chat a lot on it. However, that may or may not change with more people joining. My first guild was a disappointment but I tried for over a month to rebuild it. I recruited some players and together we started doing more guild related stuff. Unfortunately, there was no communication with the old guards and my former guild leader went idle. I tried to get the next ranking member to step up but my pleas fell on deaf ears so I persuaded some of my members I personally recruited to come with me to a newly formed guild. Starting with just 4, we are now 14 strong and we have been in existence for 10 days. Within that time we rose from rank 999,999 to rank 299. We came out on top of our bracket in Guild Wars with all eligible players joining in. Now we are participating in Raid Boss with 3 gates closed and a 1/3 way into closing the 4th gate. Would you be interested in joining?

Giving it a friendly bump

Hey there, I’m looking to join an active guild, so far every one I’ve joined has been just me contributing to the events and tasks. I am currently level 156 and very active in the game. Please let me know if you are still recruiting as I would like to get into an active guild and start contributing ASAP. Thanks. My Switch invite code is ARMTREANT_VHMN.


Hi ArmTreeAnt. Thanks for replying. I will need you to leave your current guild for me to send an invite

Awesome, thank you! I have left.

Armtreeant, I have sent you an invite. Make sure you check the Guild Chat Area occasionally for information.

Giving it a friendly bump

I’m looking for a new guild. Regularly the top contributer of ~3, most of the rest are idle. Invite code KARLIA_OYDP. Currently in a guild, so let me know if you’re interested and I’ll leave them so I can join yours.

Hi Karlia. Thank you for your interest. If you would be so kind to drop your guild I’ll send you an invite

Alright, left it

Invite sent




We have 1 space remaining on our roster. We are now a very active yet casual top 50 rank guild

We have 2 available space. if interested leave your name and invite code and we can talk further

We have a couple of spaces available. If you want to be in a casual but energetic guild, leave your name and invite code and we will talk further.

It has been about 4 months since I had put up the original post seeking new recruits. We are a casual guild that has, within that time climbed up the ranks to become a top 25 guild. We are a very energetic group of players who want to see our guild continue to climb while being flexible by remaining casual.

We seek like minded players who share our love for this game and want a guild where there is much participation in guild events. To remain competitive with other guilds, we seek players who are lvl 200 or above. However, if you can show me that you are very active, want to grow with a guild, and be willing to participate in guild events, I would be willing to waive the lvl req on a case by case basis.

There are, at the moment 3 spots available. If interested, leave your name here and I will reply as soon as I can. Thank you