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The Moritat Guild is looking for new recruits (Nintendo Switch)

2 spaces have opened up and need filling

We have 1 space available.

We have 1 space available

We have 2 spaces available

I’d be interested in joining up if there’s still space! My current guild is a ghost town.

Hi Irunjt,

Thank you for your interest. We still have a couple spots open. My guild will be transitioning to a competative guild next month. Our reqs will change. Right now I’m looking at 100k gold and 1k seals. I am looking for a player that is willing to participate in every event with Guild Wars now becoming mandatory. In the past I’ve had members not do the battles the day they are assigned. I want to change that.

I prefer a player that is at least lvl 300. However I will wave the lvl req if you are active, communicative, and willing to meet the above reqs. I also prefer that you have Discord but at the moment is not mandatory. My Discord address is oninowon#8324

I appreciate the response. I’m a newer player working on getting all kingdoms to 10/unlocked, etc. Currently level 229.

I believe I could easily do the seals, as I regularly hit the current 1500 weekly cap, but I’d fall short of the 100k gold requirement at the moment I believe because of trying to level the kingdoms.

I believe I was the top participant in the latest guild wars for my current guild, with ~24k points.

That all said, I’ve got a lot to learn, and can definitely get better as I get better troops, level things, etc.

If you think I’d fit in, I’d be willing to do my best to put the work required in.

Thanks for the time either way.

We have 1 space open. Our guild has changed from a casual guild to a competative guild. We seek an active player who especially enjoys competative nature of guild wars and tower of doom.

Our requirements are:
lvl 500
100k gold
1k seals
Participation in all guild events mandatory

The lvl and gold req are flexible as long as you can show me that you are very active and working towards lvling your kingdoms to 10

We have 2 spots open. You can reach me here or discord. My discord address is oninowon#8324.

We have 3 spots available. Our guild is currently ranked 13 and will move up to bracket 1 next GW. We seek active players who can help us move onward and upward. You can reach me here or on discord, oninowon#8324

2 spots are available. You can reach me here or on discord at oninowon#8324

2 spots have opened up.