The Mech Overhaul

Hello, i’m Volk and today i want to talk a bit about troups i love but can’t quite use because of their low usefulness. You guessed it, i’m talking about Mechs.

So i have some ideas to buff the few Mech troups while we wait for the new ones coming in May.

04/10 Adana: Blue/Yellow Ultra-Rare, Yellow Common and Blue/Red Legendary

Blast Cannon : Shouldn’t be a Mech, rather a construct.

Bombot : Fine as it is.

Deep Borer : Fine as it is.

Carnex : Cost up to 18. Transform Blue Gems to Skulls and transform Brown Gems to Purple. Burn two random ennemies.
More fit to be a “Chain reaction”, plus it’s more logical to create skulls when you have a trait boosting your damage…

Dracos 1337 : Cost downed to 14, Silence, stun and drain 10 mana from an ennemy.
Technomancy (trait) : Decrease two random ennemy’s magic by 2 on 4 or 5 gem matches.
So that he can be a reliable source of silence.

Flame Cannon : Create 9 (boosted by ennemies on fire x2) Red Gems, burn a random ennemy.
A much needed filler.

Steam Turret : Deal Magic + 3 damage randomly split among ennemy boosted by all ally armor (4:1)
Not as strong as a Rowanne, but still a bit better compared to actual.

Tankbot 2000 : Steal Magic +3 Armor from an ennemy, deal 4 + Boosted by my armor (3:1) damage.
Can finally be a real "Tank"Bot.

If you have better ideas, feel free to tell me in comments, if you like the change, just like the post, spread the Mech love :heart_eyes:

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You could make a case for pretty much every troop type in the game except maybe Dragons, Daemons, and Undead. Not bad ideas but I’d prefer they focus on the gameplay as a whole rather than individual troop types like this.

I agree about Blast Cannon.

Flame Cannon concept I like, could use some number tweaks but I like it.

Carnex’s is interesting but ultimately not as much as Forest Guardian or Infernal King, and it loses out by being less novel an idea due to the existence of those two. Carnex is being looked into by the devs already - since it used to be neck-and-neck with Gorgotha but the latter just keeps getting stronger and stronger while Carnex goes nowhere.

DRACOS I don’t know what to do with, I think they might’ve screwed up by making it that way in the first place.

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Agree about DRACOS. I used him for a while on a Dragon team, but he’s been eclipsed in usefulness since, and I can’t really conceive of a niche he fills anymore.

I never understood the reason behind breaking up the mechs and constructs into two groups.
The only thing that I can figure is that they knew they were going to make the Guardians “constructs” and didn’t want them to benefit from the Mechanist 3rd trait. Cause lets face it FAST Guardians is just wrong.

BUT, that would have been easily fixed by just giving the Guardians their own type “Guardian”…


They’ve done a couple of kingdom overhauls. No reason a troop type overhaul doesn’t make as much, or more, sense. Either way, they definitely need to continue to buff & tweak existing, underwhelming troops.

A construct could be something other than a machine, though. A homunculus is a construct, as are most golems, including Flesh Golem.


Good point. Ok, so there was that too… :wink:

I agree that DRACOS isn’t that strong, but i believe he could fill a support role with his Silence and the ability to reduce Magic… That’s why i thought of buffing these two aspects.

For Carnex, my goal wasn’t to create something entirely new (and i had a couple ideas here) because it would be less susceptible to be accepted.

Draco might work a little better if it STEALS mana instead of Drains mana. This would make his 25% disintegrate more intimidating since it would be able to recharge faster.

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Surely the topic title should be Mech Overhaul not Mech Overall?

The former means to redesign/update/rebuild Mechs, the latter sounds like something Mario and Luigi would wear.

the IK/FG transform way presented for karnex is cool on its own, but somehow i dont like the idea to completely remake carnex spell

i know the spell is far from being perfect but i like the idea of explode the way he does, maybe he should just create 3 skulls prior to his exploding

The issue i have with Carnex exploding skulls, is its third traits. Add armor to skull damage but the spell waste every skulls out there…
Plus Carnex isn’t exactly the best of the tanks with only “Armoured” instead of a “Stone Skin” so i took the bet of making him a better support troop like IK/FG. But yeah i guess we could make him an Explode-Filler, but the third trait need to be reworked…

@Jainus I’m sure you guessed it, but english isn’t my native language, thanks for correcting me.


with a small skull creation before explision he would have a chance to utilise his skull damage trait as the skulls would get matched before exploding :stuck_out_tongue: i was hoping that would compromise

but yeah i do agree with the armored part

Carnex exploding the skulls doesn’t detract from him beating on the enemy with skull hits since they’ll just replenish when the entire screen goes boom.

yes, except that it hardly is entire screen considering skulls we are talking about

Instead of armored the skill on Carney should be something Like Thorns or at the minimum Stoneskin

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I prefer having the Tankbot taking the first place in the team rather than Carnex, but it’s maybe just flavor here…

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