The hay is Faerie Fire?


When did Faerie Fire get added? I cursed this guy with it with a Dragonette in Arena.2017-12-13-174106


Faerie Fire is a new status effect included in the 3.2.5 update for our upcoming kingdom Bright Forest


Wondering if Dragonette was supposed to utilize it pre-kingdom release.


The status effect was added with this Patch, but because there are no troops that can inflict it directly, it’s only available through random spells like Dragonette’s Marid’s Hag’s or Domovoi’s


As @JuaitoR said while there is no troop that causes Faerie Fire directly, it is a status effect that can be caused by any troop that inflicts a random status effect.


Hi When will that kingdom be coming to gems please?


Early next year


Early next month? :slight_smile:


Maybe :wink:


And what about the new Soulforge weapons? You said “before the end of year” in a Q&A…

Nice Santa-cat :wink: .