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The guild wars bugs are still lurking around

So I lost a match today that I didn’t even play. Did I hit skip button or was it bugged out, idk but it made me wonder.

Why do we need a skip button for guild wars at all? That is about as bad as buying tiers in invasions and raids, and not having a yes or no option.

Some of these minor features cost us big time and I think they need looked at. How about the skip button for wars just gets removed so then when I get a loss after winning four fights, I know if it was me or the game bugging out on me.

No I don’t want compensation, that’s not giving me my paragon fight back.

Anyways, guild wars is every three weeks now, so can we finally try to get all the bugs out of it already? They have been happening since it started but nothing has changed.

It’s getting old.


If people don’t want to figh all battles and also don’t want to wait for the A.I to finally win the battles they can Skip the whole day. But yes, i agree it requires a confirmation popup to avoid trouble for the players.

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I mean, I haven’t ever hit it and I’m trying to think of all the possibilities here. I was just shocked when I went to fight and I had no more fights left. I was going on 20 and 0, so it’s frustrating as we are bracket 1. I’ll pay more attention next time.



There’s a “Skip” button?

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If there isn’t then I had a loss given to me for no reason, I’ll see tomorrow if there is one, but that’s why I’m asking here.

Is there a skip button?

Not that I’ve ever seen. Just the “To Battle” button. :thinking:

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So there is no skip button, just a rotten bug that likes to hand out losses, yep, still lurking and stealing points daily.

Please fix this already.

I’ve played for a year in bracket one. My sympathies, had it happened to me, I would have used all my worst vocabulary, for quite some time.


I have been here the whole time too, bracket 1, happens to my guildies a bit but this is a first for me so that’s why it really hit a nerve.


Of course there is a “Skip”-Button. It skips the whole day… and shows only, if you missed a day…
To be exactly, you only can “Skip” passed days.
So if you never pass a dey, you never see the button. :wink:


Happened to me as well.
In my battle log it gave me a loss against someone I didn’t play against.

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That is exactly how mine was. I only fought 4, but couldn’t fight paragon, so I looked and lost the second fight, and it was in the defense log as well, but I didn’t even play the match, so no points period, at least with a loss you get a few hundred points.

The person it assumed I lost to was in the rival guild, but I never played them.

Done the first 4 battles then just gave me a loss after the 4th win.

It doesn’t even surprise me that they haven’t fixed it yet.

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You’re right, the loss didn’t show up until the fourth fight either, that’s why I didn’t notice it sooner. So weird how it does that.

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I was recording the whole thing too :sweat_smile:

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I wonder why after a whole year of guild wars, they can’t figure this out?

Too busy on the new stuff?

Like with most bugs. If it’s detrimental to the player it will be ignored for the longest of time.
If it’s beneficial to the player expect it fixed within the hour.


Well I did by part and submitted a ticket, hopefully it helps and one day we can have a big free guild wars.

Hmmmmmm. I think you have encountered the same or similar bug as me yesterday. And I don’t believe I hit the skip button, not likely. I play on PC/Mobile, so it’s cross-platform issue. I didn’t even submit a ticket because at this point I know they will either tell me that everything is all right and I am delusional or if they feel generous I will get 5k gold and 10 souls as a recompensation.

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