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The Guild of Thieves - A shadow hiding in the darkness

If you are interested in joining, you can send a msg TO MY GAMERTAG: Truxton74
Any questions posted here will remain unanswered.

A little info about the name of the guild:
The guild of thieves, a famous adventure-text video game from Magnetic Scrolls released by Rainbird in 1987 on various computers like Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST,…
It was Magnetic Scrolls 2nd game after The Pawn. Jinxter, Corruption, Fish, Myth* and Alice in Wonderland will also be released after The guild of thieves. (all were adventure-text games)
*Myth was a gift to faithful customers and wasnt available to buy.


A quick note for anyone trolling this thread or changing the title again: First offence 7 day forum ban, second offence permanent forum ban. Thank you, and please keep it civil.


What’s your name in game?
I think it’s interesting to see who in the forums are the actual players in GoT.

Greetings, bluh from Birch team.

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Hi. Id like to come back if that is still possible

We are full

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all right maybe when there is a spot :+1:

How do you find the Guild of Thieves? …
You Fast Travel to Riften and make your way to the cellar.

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What are the weekly requirements? I am level 245

id love to join will hit 1500 seals a week but sadly im only level 87 hope you guys would take me and help raise me faster

Hello there i am lvl 573, can donate 1500seals weekly, +500k gold and more than 100throphies because i am only playing pvp

5 thieves in the top 10 last week! We rock!!!

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If you are tired to log in and see 20 defensives lost against psyconaz666, you better join thieves :slight_smile:


We are looking for “La crême de la crême” of player to join the greatest guild.

  • 1500 gems every week
  • +50 legendary task
  • Best of the best players
  • Funny and awesome peoples
  • Free Beer and brownies

For more info msg truxton
gamertag: Truxton74


For the 1500 gems, it was close this week! :sweat_smile:


Talk for you! I am the best :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thought it was me???

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Yeah i say that when you online… but when you are gone…


The Guild of Thieves will have rooms on Monday 20th November, just after weekly reset. If you are interested, please contact me to my Gamertag for more infos: Truxton74

The Guild of Thieves, the top guild that truly respect their leaving members by NEVER removing them before they have received their GW rewards on Monday reset! Nothing more normal after all, they participated to the GW, lvled their Sentinels so they deserve the GW rewards.

Room free on Monday 20th November, message me to my Gamertag Truxton74 for all infos. Thank you.


Join the REAL best pvp and guild war team on xbox. We don’t need to get 3 teams to look stronger we got la crême de la crême of players all in the same team. The people are amazing.We are THE BEST xbox guild of the world don’t look anywhere else if you need precious gems!!