The Great Maw is need to buff

The great maw shouldn’t be so weak, especially by comparing with kerberos, please buff it or restore it’s previous 3rd trait。


Buff Great Maw! 3rd Trait Back!:grin:

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Maybe not like before definitely needs some type of buff perhaps a lower mana cost and 50% armor reduction. Or better yet a mythic version of a sandworm


The Great Maw is plenty strong as is, and does not need a buff. Maw/Mercy meta was a particularly frustrating time to play. In my opinion, Maw is in a great spot offensively and still seen occasionally on defense.


As someone who uses maw a lot on offense i don’t mind him. At the moment he feels balanced. Only thing is his mana cost can be a slightly lower


Yea, he costs more than famine. I also fail to see why he gains 2 to all stats when dealing skull damage because magic is pointless to him

I suppose you could just pretend it says Gain 2 Armor, 2 Life, and 2 Attack. :wink:

Or they could SWAP the “unique trait” of Raging Bull from Ketras the Bull with The Great Maw. (replacing red & skulls. ). :wink::wink::wink:

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You can still Devour 100% on first turn using combos like Elspleth. I feel like the Maw is one of the great strong but not OP, just balanced cards.


Maw is fine as is. Kerberos is one of the game’s most commonly seen and powerful troops right now; it could be toned down a bit - comparison isn’t an indicator that Maw is under-powered.

Likewise, comparison to the game’s most-complained-about and probably over-powered troops is again not a reason for Maw to get buffed.


Some troops use other magic as part of their spell or as their spell booster, i.e Sekhma, Silver Drakon. But yea, for Maw itself, magic is pointless.

On topic: agreed with most of everyone here, Maw is fine as it is now. I don’t want to see the Mawcalypse back.


It’s not maw that needs a buff, it’s bloody kerberos that needs balancing. He’s more dangerous than some of the mythics! Warg and dire wolves can spawn from him as well as the ridiculously high devour percentage. Still, we’ve all got opinions and thoughts, no one’s right, no one’s wrong.


I don’t take this thread seriously in my first post because it was so far out there…

In this case, people can have different opinions and that’s great. However those that want a buff to Maw are flat out wrong.

devour an enemy, kills 2 random enemy and turn another into a level 1 peasant!
mana cost 3!

Troops don’t have enough traits, so we get underpowered single immunities or bonds, and then super powered impervious traits.

We need more something else. Maw should really get indigestible, or have huge or big function as indigestible. I mean it is quite possible that Maw is the largest creature in this world, maybe on par with kraken, but nope a oversized dog can eat it entirely.

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I agree with the sentiment.

Big: Gain 1 Life on 4-5 Gem matches. Halve Devour chance when targeting this troop.

Huge: Gain 2 Life on 4-5 Gem matches. Immune to Devour.

Immense: Gain 4 Life on 4-5 Gem matches. Immediately kill any Devouring troop.



Noone really has an idea of how big Kerberos actually is.
Also Behemoth should dwarf them all.

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Don’t forget Abhorath. He has a spell that is literally called “Devour the World.”


Yes, we need this.

Can also just completely scrap the indigestible trait that only 1 troop has and give it big instead (Rock Troll).


Can you send in a bug report for the Beta that Huge doesn’t prevent devour and see if it’ll sneak through? :slight_smile: