The Great Maw is need to buff

And I was thinking the op was trolling, lol…

Maw is fine :slight_smile: don’t lower it’s Mana :slight_smile:

Indigestible added to big etc like @lyya said is great idea I just wouldn’t kill a troop at immense, maybe damage half of it’s health or something

This is wrong, and I am right for pointing it out as such. Since we have already established that I am right, I have some ideas about Maw and Kerberos…

On a different note, Sirrian has said in the past that the dev team intentionally didn’t tie devour immunity to size. If they had, players would have spent a lot of effort complaining that their favorite dragon/monster/dwarf should have one of those traits just based on artwork and story – and since troops can only have three traits, these devour-resistant troops would all wind up looking very similar. It’s not as satisfying thematically, but mechanically it is better to divorce size and devour immunity.

I don’t see how that’s any different than arguing whether they should have devour immunity, but maybe I don’t quite follow that train of thought.


I just think limiting troops to 3 traits is limiting design space,.

I mean Mechs, how does poisoning a mech make sense? There isnt anything living there to poison, except deep bored there’s a dwarf inside so that make a teeny bit of sense. Also why would anything want to eat a giant lump of metal?


Maybe it’s an acidic kind of poison that corrodes the metal.

And why devour it? Cause they’re high in iron of course.


Big and to a degree even Huge are currently nothing more than flair traits, they carry no greater value in gameplay, with those changes all of a sudden they would become super important.
Also Impervious would probably lose the devour immunity then, since those were the two options(size traits or Impervious) players came up with that should grant Devour immunity, and the Devs settled on Impervious. Having both grant Devour immunity, as much as some people would like to see that, would make devour quite irrelevant and i guess the Devs would not want that.