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The game is too slow.(Fps too low)

Is it possible to add a graphic quality setting in the game?It runs pretty slow for me,bad fps.My computer is pretty old,but it runs other games with similar graphics fine.Even LoL runs better then Gems of War for some reason.

common problem? or this a new thing, because atm they are having server problems or something

Im not talking about the current server lag.I have fps problems.

ahh ok, just making sure you was aware of it. Good Luck on Fix

Thank you,hope i can do something.

@Sargeras Do you use steam? If so I know of a few solutions that might help.

Yes,i use steam.

Go to library/Gems of War/properties/Set Launch Options. In the box type -high. Then ok, that should help some.

I tried this,but i used -low.Isnt -high make the game run slower?

If you type -high it should give you an FPS boost.


It helped,i got increased fps,thanks,but it still pretty low.:frowning: