The game is too hard!

Why in hell is the game so hard? I’m lvl 823 but that isn’t helping me. Others I have seen is around lvl 2-300 and have a complete troop that I’m far away to get and they are full skilled with traits. I understand if the player is over lvl 1000 but not these that haven’t played a lot. They are hard to beat for me, I have played a long time now but those f***ing dragons is hard as well. I haven’t got these dragons and don’t know where to find one but guys at lvl 2-300 have them all, very strange that not all can get em. Raid Boss is only built for high lvl ppl and so are Invasions. Why not make a game who is for everyone, that’s better!

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Arena is the answer

Arena is also much harder… When I choose normal then I get beaten of a lvl-at-least-1000

So you spent your time poorly getting all those levels as opposed to focusing on which troops to trait and such, and now it’s your opponents fault that they played smarter ???

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Do I say that?

No I filled in your missing bits

Not I had missed… its your word. I thought it was a forum for everyone but maybe I had wrong!

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I’m level 960ish and don’t have many problems… So it must come down to how you spent your time.
I have 3 mythics and use none of them… So me and my legendaries are doing better than you are apparently. Games not that hard. Maybe you just built poor teams?

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Maybe you could show me you think you know everything after you have complain what I wrote…

Don’t know what troops you have… Maybe ask in global for assistance.
Myself I use a pure magic team
All fully traited except troll
Mab as mythic
Dark troll
Emporer liang

My other team I used before this was
Doomclaw my only nice mythic for a team
Infernal king
None were traited and before all kingdoms were at 10 let alone double kingdom bonuses and I was able to do tons of PvP with that team.

Well you have the dragons, don’t know where to get them and Mab

Where to get them…
You’re a bit slow arent ya?

What reason have you to complain on me? Have I done anything to you?

Don’t bother me again please!

Well if you’re level 800 something you should know where the troops come from. Forge them if you need them.

That’s a thought to think. Try using different troops and weapons. Yes, we wonder how you got to your 800+ level, and don’t know where to find dragons.

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Just a “deviner sauvage,” of sorts, but OP approached this game much like an RPG, with the belief that levels and leveling would equate to power and potency, which is only true in a few aspects of Gems of War. (Hero’s stats and Gem Mastery come to mind.)

I believe a lot of newer players share OP’s conundrum. The in-game tutorial does not really go into many of the important aspects of the game that would assist players, and many do not know about these forums. With the 3.4 update, not sure if things have changed significantly with the former, but onus for the latter is on the player.

So, OP, you need to assess your account for shortcomings.

From your gripes, it seems that your collection of troops lack traits and ascension. Should probably work on acquiring the necessary traitstones to fully trait your troops, and obtain more keys/gems to open Glory, Gem and Event chests thereby increasing your chances in getting better troop drops.


@TheDragonSeoul has solid advice.

Also, thank you for the feedback re early game. We are starting to look into how to make it clearer how to progress in the game effectively for early game players.


I’m using different troops to find the best for me.

Level makes next to no difference in the Arena, you should be able to complete almost every run. If you are finding it hard you seem to be missing some core gameplay strategies. It’s difficult to tell what you are doing wrong without additional data, you should probably post more details about your standard Arena run (e.g. team setup, gem match priorities).