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The Best Video Games that got No Love

From the greater gaming community.

I want to see all of your favs that never hit a top ten list. All Blockbuster titles… you are not welcome here!

This is a thread for the underdog!

Here are my first two, I WILL be posting more!!!

  1. Saga Frontier- amazing story, unique battle system, actually cried playing this one.

  2. Parasite Eve- came out about the same time as Resdent Evil 2 and was completely blown off the map but again brilliant story and gameplay. Awesome game.

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Gain ground on genesis
Shining in the darkness and shining force 1 & 2 on genesis
Wing commander on SNES
Front mission 4 on ps2 or 3 i dont recall
And on of my favorites starflight on genesis


I rented Shining Force from a blockbuster on a Friday after school and had it beat by Monday to return! It was a glorious weekend of gaming when I was a grade schooler!!! :sunglasses:

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Console titles?
I don’t have a console anymore since I know Steam :confused:

Port Royale 3 could need some loving - http://store.steampowered.com/app/205610/Port_Royale_3/
It’s quite old though. But I liked how I can set things up (trading routes, patrol routes etc) and automate most things and concentrate on pirate hunting and destroying and fulfilling demands from towns in need.

Don’t know games with a great story. I think the last one I played that touched me greatly was some older Final Fantasy title and I was still playing on my Playstation. FF got enough love though ^^

TimeFrame put me into a melancholic and pensive mood for hours though. http://store.steampowered.com/app/340270/TIMEframe/
But that’s a really short game and no action at all. I totally wanted to know more about the people there though. Unfortunaltely I don’t know any other game that’s similar… which creates such an atmosphere and mood.

I’m considering to buy Submerged… it’s on sale at Humble atm. And from the reviews it may be a nice ‘walk around and find out stuff’ title too.

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Any platform! Not just for console. I want to hear about those games that nobody talks about but are silent killers! Just really great titles that went under the radar for whatever reason!

Thanks for sharing!

Rondo of Swords for the Nintendo DS. Or, I never head about it until long after its initial release.


Shadow of Memories. One of the best stories to ever be told in a game.

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Vagrant story ps1


The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (Xbox/PS2)

Has anybody heard of Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
This was one of my favorite childhood games. It’s just too bad it didn’t get the sequel it was planning.
Xbox/Ps2, I had it on the xbox

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Most of mines are JRPG… not sure if there are well-know or not…

  • Grandia, a JRPG. The story is great and gameplay too. Adventure with a big A even if the beggining seems childish. Grandia 2 was good also but the scenario is a WTF in the end…
  • Wild Arms for the same reason. + the music of the opening is so great. The 3 is also pretty good.
  • Breath of Fire 3 (the one that I begin the serie with). 1 & 2 are great. 4 too. You cannot like dragon and RPG without liking these games :wink: .
  • Legend of Dragoon, top 1 in my “this-game-is-so-awesome-but-nobody-know-about-it” list… Great scenario and super gameplay.

Master of Magic by Microprose.

Still an excellent and challenging game to this day, though the graphics are showing their age.

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@Draprion Is that on Steam or somewhere? I still have my original copy, but I haven’t gotten it to run for years.

Yes! I add Persona for Ps1 too. Both Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment.

Worth every penny, gog versions always run smoothly for me.


One of the best PlayStation1 RPGs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_Arms


You should try the 3rd :wink: .

‘Grim Dawn’ is one of the best hack/slash RPGs I’ve ever played. Better than Diablo 3. Still cheap on Steam.

‘Orcs must die!’ is a really good FPS/tower defense game. Great fun as co-op.

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If you like hack’n’slash Torchlight 2 was very nice.


Ogre battle series
Was always a big fan of jrpg games and early tactical types.