The best improvement from the Unity change

You can now retreat during the AI turn. Really a time saver in the event that you make a bad match or have an RNG misfire and the AI gets a turn, you can just abandon the (now obviously doomed) match and start another.




Yes, I am king of the retreat! As soon as AI collects 20+ mana in one turn I am out!

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If you always chicken out you never get to feel the glory of an impossible comeback.

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Sure, those can happen, but the time involved is objectively better spent winning 3 other fights.


As someone already mentioned on this forum (I think so at least) - victory in GoW is overrated. I enjoy my rare comebacks in GW where it counts, but that’s it, thank you very much :slight_smile:.
Although they are satisfying, that’s for sure :wink:

EDIT: Oh, but I disagree with the original post. The most important improvement in Unity is the 4* speed :smile:


I’d agree, if 4x speed wasn’t the stated reason for the economy nerfs.

I don’t retreat unless my spell damage + board mod is all dead. At that point, I’m not looking at a 2 or 3 times as long match, I’m looking at 10 times or longer, if I win, which is pretty well completely out of my control at that point (I could get 17 lucky skull cascades in a row and still win, but probably not). Every time you retreat from a meta team, you are another statistic that is keeping it continually stuck on defenses.

Level up troops multiple levels at a time.

This is true when you are min-maxing (which I do the majority of time). But, sometimes it’s nice to go in with a well-crafted non-meta team and come back from a near loss. :grinning: Those are my favorite games actually.

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