The Archer's skill summon for a bandit instead of the main force

When I activate the spell of the Sunbird with the full team and the Archer hero - the Bandit (thanks to the “Backup” skill) may appear INSTEAD of the Sunbird. In the attachment screenshots before the spell of the fire bomb, after it, and after the spell of the Sunbird.

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Does this with Elspeth as well. Doesn’t summon Knight. You get a Bandit instead. :persevere:

Hello, thanks for your report.

This is working as intended: the hero talent takes a priority over Troop Spells/Traits. If you would like the correct troop spell to summon please adjust the selected Talent from your Talent tree or remove the Hero from the team. :slight_smile:

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Are you kidding me???
Do you mean that was designed on purpose, i.e it’s not a bug, but a feature of this particular talent, which is supposed to take a priority over any troop spell/trait? In this case the cast of Sunbird (or Elspeth) does not work properly, since it can’t rise back to the team afterwards!!!
This talent should help the team, replenish it, and not interfere with it’s original spells!


There’s really no winning this one. If it were to work the other way around, players would complain that the talent isn’t working correctly, because Sunbird (or Elspeth) prevent the Bandit to get summoned.

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If the unit’s spell says that it must die and be reborn, then it must die and be reborn. This is the whole spell of the unit, from the beginning to the end. It should not end in the middle.


Ha ha, ok a little clarification is needed on this working as intended.

Was it designed on purpose? The scenario probably never crossed their minds until it first happened :thinking:

Did they think about fixing it? Of course they thought about fixing it. But they would need to apply either a one-off fix to ever troop now and in the future that summons on death, OR make a general rule change to the timing of summons.

I guarantee if they made a general rule change to fix that, it would break more things than you could imagine :scream:

‘That’s just how it works in the game’ became working as intended.


It doesn’t end in the middle. The Sunbird dies, the Hero calls in reinforcements, the Sunbird is reborn and wanders off due to lack of of a free troop slot. Various talents and traits trigger on specific events, like death of a troop, which intentionally interrupt the flow of actions right when they happen.

Technically, what you want to ask them to do instead is to change the Sunbird spell, so the Sunbird gets reset to initial stats instead of killing and summoning it again. That way kill/summon triggers wouldn’t fire, which would of course make those players unhappy who want those triggers to fire.

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It’s also very flavorful. The bandit shows up instead of the phoenix and shouts “What?! I play by my own rules! I am a rogue!”


Lots of people have already asked this, and the dev have responded as such every time. I get the frustration, but I actually kind of like it. Having to use more strategy to make sure that you have teams that synergize in all ways is all sorts of fun :).

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Technically, I want to cast spells, units that are manually used by the player, has priority over a random skill of the summon. If Elspeth must summon a knight, the knight must appear, not the bandit. If Sunbird must to die and be reborn - to be reborn sunbird, not the bandit. If Erinyes must to call two Quasits - Quasits should summon, not the bandit. And the hero must call the bandit only if the troop died and no summon in his spell there. I do agree that the skills of the summon is competed, let’s say a skill summon of the Cerberus and skill summon of the hero. But not skill and spell. Here’s what I want, technically =))

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I assumed this was a bug. I suspect it was, at least originally - a bug or at best unintended consequence of the talent code. As the devs don’t have the resource to fix it, they’re happy to rationalise that it was intended after all…

…whatever is true, I think it’s the least satisfactory ordering of code. Better outcome would be to make these things trigger in the order that they’re placed in the team formation. That creates choice, which creates thinking and fun. You want Sunbird back - keep it above the hero. You want bandits? Put the hero above the Sunbird.


Working as intended means working as intended, there’s no subtext in it.

Not all troop/weapon/class/Talent combinations work well together, other combinations work great in some situations and not so great in others - this is by design to encourage players to play more strategically.

I’m sorry this is frustrating, but it will work well with other team builds for sure.

Nobody here is gullible enough to believe that it was intended to work like that in the design phase.
Not sure why you’d even bother to try and lie about this.

Too well in my opinion. Since talent trees can’t be stunned. Only death of a hero troop can mostly end the ridiculous amount of bandits being resummoned even when the bandits themselves are killed. I say mostly because even when the hero dies…a bandit can be summoned in it’s place.
I’m not a big fan of nerfs…I just need a better option than the present one to counter the ridiculous summon rate. I can’t think of any trait like this hero talent skill. They’re not so much a threat to lose the match… As much as an annoyance. Just another new aggravation that doesn’t seem to be well tested or thought out.

As this isn’t a bug I’ll be closing this thread now. If you wish to provide feedback regarding this talent, please do so in the feedback section of the forum so we can focus on helping players experiencing bugs in this section :slight_smile:

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