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Can You Stun Hero Talents?

So, I was in a state of giddy euphoria watching the banishment talent pop tower barriers during Invasion. Then suddenly, I noticed that barriers failed to pop when I made a 4 match. After getting over my annoyance, I realized that my hero was stunned.

TLDR; Can hero talents be stunned or is this a bug?
@Saltypatra @Cyrup


You can, hero talents work like extra trails. I saw that many time.

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I think they might have stealth added stunning talents. I don’t think it worked like that at patch release. Or I’m wrong lol


Yes. Can also confirm this, have tested in-game. Stunned hero loses the talent effects. Figures, as they are just extra traits.


Thanks to all. :smiley_cat: This is good to know then. I didn’t notice it working like this initially.

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I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. If it was a ninja fix, it is appreciated.

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Pretty sure it was :grinning: one of the first things I nosed into and tested…

Ninja fixes are rare. Devs are usually open about anything changed.

Fixes, even, are rare enough these days.

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We’ll probably never know, and it really doesn’t matter. As long as they can be stunned, then all is right with the world.

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When this patch hit. I distinctly remember someone saying that talents couldn’t be stunned. Not saying I caused the change. But I know I mentioned the frustration of not being able to stun and stop the endless bandit summon less than a week ago.
Ninja fixes still happen… Such as off the top of my head.

  • Draakulis steal life used to not buff from fairie fire.
  • Draakulis steal life would gain life despite barriers.

And most can remember this one…


I definitely bitched about it, but I don’t think I tested it that carefully. It is definitely possible that they were stunnable and I was just wrong, though you’d think someone would have pointed out my error at that time.

And ninja-fixes are most certainly a thing, particularly right after a patch or sometimes right before when they are pushing partial data to servers and causing unintended bugs. That soulforge fix was a massive change and it took 3 months before we found out.


I would hope that @Kafka would’ve told me I was an idiot (in a nice way) and mentioned that talent trees could be stunned if it was true at the time. She’s really good about asking other devs if she doesn’t know for sure.


Hey sorry for the delayed reply.

@awryan I think I remember telling you talents can’t be stunned but I’ve just checked and if I did say that I was very wrong sorry!

Talents can be stunned, I’ve just confirmed it with 2 devs.


Is it intended? Because it’s meh and Stun description doesn’t say anything about talents…

Why not a new status effect “Shame: block talent”? <- it’s a joke we have enough of them…

Yes it’s intended.

Talents are just extra traits (passive effects like all the others - most of them parallel existing troop traits). Repeating myself I guess.

I think it’s good that Stun cancels them - both intuitive and useful.

Just needs the help text to be clear that Stun also negates Talents.

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Thanks for the official confirmation.

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